Real Drugs In Weight Loss Products?

If I had known that I probably would have tried a few. Damn! I’m always the last to know. LOL. Just kidding. This is actually sad and very dangerous.

We are all looking for that “Be a SkinnyBitch When You Wake Up Tomorrow” formula. It would be so much easier than having to actually follow the rules and eat right and exercise. This could be life threatening.

I guess late last year the FDA issued a warning about over the counter weight loss products having “unmentioned” prescription drugs in them. At that time there were 28 different brands. Now they have reissued a warning and the number of weight loss products with illegal drugs in them has jumped to 72. I hate to even think what could happen to someone who is already on some kind of medication from their doctor and then take some of this stuff without knowing what it contains. 

What I can’t understand once again, is how is this happening and why can’t the FDA stop it at it’s source? How has it jumped from 28 products a few months ago and 72 products now? Why has it not been all over the news about massive recalls? I hadn’t seen anything about this anywhere, nothing like with the food recalls, yet millions of people are taking these things thinking they’re relatively safe.

To visit the FDA  recall page for weight loss products, just click here. I guess for me it’s back to the veggies and the treadmill. LOL

The Latest Thing I Read On Weight Loss…

I get  a lot of health newsletters. Every thing from the Mayo Clinic to Health Alerts by email to health newsletters for women, etc. One of the latest things I’ve seen is a doctor suggests Resveritrol and Soy as the magic combination to aid in weight loss.

Resveritrol is like a super antioxidant. If you don’t know what antioxidants are, they are the super nutrients that help fight the toxins that enter your body (free radicals) and destroy your cells. This is a really simplistic definition, as I am no doctor. Given my bad habits, I am into anything that will fight the bad guys in my body, but supposedly according to this doctor, when you go heavy in antioxidants, you go “light” on weight. Sounds good to me, so I talked to the lady at my health food store, and bought a bottle (second bottle 50% off. LOL.).

I have a problem with the “soy” part of this “prescription”. I am not a big advocate of soy to start with and I hate tofu. I have read a lot about studies showing if you have cancer cells in your body, soy may help them grow. I don’t know if I have anything like that in my body, but I’m old enough and it’s common enough, I’m not willing to take a chance.

We’re all so willing to try anything to help us lose weight, sometimes to the expense of our own health (fedra, etc). It’s okay to use supplements that enhance our health, diet and fitness, but make sure you know what you are taking, and from whom. Not all vitamins and supplements are equal, just like not every diet plan and fitness plan is perfect for you, me, Tom, Dick and Harry.