I Knew Alli Was Too Good To Be True!

Well, that’s not completely honest. I just knew I wasn’t going to try it because the warning about “anal leakage” scares the hell out of me. LOL.

I’m sure anyone in the diet world has heard the news that broke yesterday (I think). They’re saying Alli may cause liver damage. According to the newswires, regulators are assessing at least 32 reports of liver problems between 1999 and 2008 in patients taking the weight-loss drug orlistat (I wonder if that’s the same fake fat they use to make a lot of foods fat-free? No, that’s orlean. Is it the same? I’ll have to look that up).  It is sold as a prescription drug Xenical, and more recently, as an over-the-counter medication called Alli. The prescription is twice as strong as the over-the-counter drug.

Of the 32 reports of liver problems the FDA has in hand, 27 patients were hospitalized and six suffed liver failure. In an “early communication” of a drug safety review, the FDA said it will also review additional data on “suspected cases of liver injury” submitted by drug firms that make and market orlistat in its branded and generic forms. Now to me, this is kind of like putting the fox in the hen house. Do they really think the firms that make this stuff are going to be honest about reporting the negatives? You’ve got to be kidding me! Glaxo reported $123 million in sales for alli last year, while Roche posted $472 million in revenue for Xenical.

Dr. Steven Osborne, executive director of the FDA’s drug safety oversight board, called the issues surrounding orlistat’s safety “complex” and stressed that “no definite association between liver injury and orlistat has been established at this time.” He noted that 30 of the 32 reports of liver damage already received by the FDA come from outside the United States. Personally I don’t know why that would make a difference. Are they using a different formula outside of the U.S? or are they getting more honest reports from outside the U.S.? He also says people taking this drug should keep taking it. That’s our FDA watching out for us alright.

The symptoms that could point to liver injury, include jaundice, fatigue, or brown urine, should consult a healthcare professional. Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, light-colored stools, itching, or loss of appetite (I thought loss of apetite was what it was supposed to do) also may be symptoms of liver damage. Physicians, as well as
consumers taking orlistat and experiencing such symptoms, can make an online report to the FDA’s Medwatch Adverse Events Reporting system, or call (800) FDA-1088.

A spokeswoman for GlaxoSmithKline said there is no evidence the company’s drug causes liver injury, noting that it primarily acts on the intestinal tract. She said alli’s safety has been studied in more 30,000 patients enrolled in 100 clinical studies. Of course didn’t the makers of Redux and Phen-Phen said until the evidence was so insurmountable they couldn’t ignore it any more?

Just Like Everybody Else…

I wish there was some magic pill, potient, etc. that would take the weight off. God forbid I actually eat right and exercise? What the heck? I didn’t have to exercise to put all the weight on! (My Squidoo lens on weight loss) Oh yeah, that’s part of the problem. LOL.

I love how so much info is available on the internet from real people. If you want to know if something works or not, just google it. Somebody somewhere will have something to say.

First up this morning is Kevin Trudeau, that little infomercial snake oil salesman him. (I never liked or trusted him anyway), he has been kicked off infomercials for three years for false claims in his “Weight Loss Cure “They Don’t Want You To Know About” book. Kevin is not a stranger to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) as I guess he’s been in court with them before. Reading some of the “real people” reviews, there’s a definite line between love and hate. The ones who gave the book a great review swear by it and swear the ones that gave it a bad review just didn’t follow the regiment. What I got out of the reviews good and bad alike, is the regiment is rather strange and expensive, and the bottom line was still diet and exercise.

My heart tells me yes but my head tells me NO. There have been a couple of commercials or infomercials on TV that I must say, has caught my eye. Of course the main two I’ve been interested in:

  1. Don’t actually list the ingredients that are supposed to make it work
  2. Have a free trial that actually signs you up for automatic drop shipments that are hell to cancel after they get started
  3. Are 2 of the more expensive “products that probably don’t work”. LOL

Relacore caught my attention because it zones in on belly fat due to stress. I am stressed all the time, so I thought this might be a way of getting rid of some of the fat around my mi-drift. Looking at the reviews it is supposed to give you a better feeling of well-being, but I don’t really need to feel better about being fat. I want to get rid of it. Unfortunately it does not give a list of active ingredients, and for this one there is no free trial and no money back guarantee. I sure know how to pick ’em.

The other one I’ve had my eye on is this Lipozene. It’s a little misleading in the way that a bottle is $29.95 but that is only a 10 to 15 day supply, not 30 days like one would assume. They do offer a 100% money back guarantee, it doesn’t sound like it’s the easiest thing to accomplish. I found a website that had quite a few “real people” reviews and this sounds like one of those that the cure is worse than the disease. People are getting headaches, nausea, chest pains. I don’t think I need a cure that bad. They too, do not list the active ingredients on their website. Pretty scary.

So for now I guess I’ll just stick with what I know works. Thank you DietSpotlight.com  for your reviews to help me decide. While the supplements I take only “enhance” weight loss from eating properly and exercise, I can trust the company, I can see what’s actually in what I’m taking, and I know if I didn’t like them I have a 180 day, No Hassle, 100% money back guarantee. I would just like them better if they could get around that “exercise” thing. LOL