I Really Do Love The…

Christmas season! Everything is so beautiful and fun. It’s a shame so many people forget just the basics. It’s still free to take the kids and go looking at the beautiful homes dressed in Christmas lights. (Well, not completely free with the cost of gas being what it is). It’s still a wonderful time for quality time with the kids baking and candy making for friends and neighbors (Just be careful what you eat vs. giving away).  There are so many things that bring a special kind of joy and happiness that money just can’t buy.  I never thought I would say this, but I miss when my kids were little and everything was such a delight. Over the past few years of them growing up, I was always working and we lost sight of our old traditions and the things that made them special. I’m sorry I let that happen. Even tho they’re all young adults now, I get a second chance to bring a lot of those traditions back to life. I’ve been watching every Christmas movie and cartoon (Charlie Brown Christmas) I can see. I haven’t seen a lot of these in at least 10 yrs. and they still ‘warm the cockyls of my heart.

Taking WW bars with me in the car everywhere I go has helped me a lot when it comes to wanting some of the Holiday Sweets. I’ve been behaving altho at times it just isn’t easy, but neither is being too fat for my clothes, the lack of energy from being overweight, and everything else that goes with this extra person I’m carrying around with me on the outside. Here’s to all of us along this path, looking forward to a “lighter” 2008.