To A Skinny St. Patrick’s Day

Oh no, I didn’t mean me. I meant leaner corned beef. LOL. I know that on the WeightWatchers Rickter Scale (4pts. for 2 oz.) but I don’t care. I have waited a whole year for the price to drop back down to something reasonable, and I’m eating it! I usually buy very lean corned beef, I boil it with the spices for long enough to cook most the rest of the fat off of it, and the rest of the year it jumps back up to about $3.49 a pound vs. $1.59 to $1.79 a pound now. It’s not so much that $3.49 a pound is super expensive, it’s the principle of it.

I have a certain line I rarely cross when it comes to grocery shopping. I just won’t pay over a certain price for certain items. If I can’t get (diet) soda for $2.50 a 12-pack, then we drink water. I did buy eight 8-packs the other day, which up to this point I had refused to buy because I think it’s more grocery trickery, but hey, it was only $1.49 an 8-pack. Who could hold out on that?

I don’t pay $1.00 for tuna when it’s not even albacore. I don’t pay over a dollar a can for chili, or a dollar a box for mac and cheese. My son accused me of being addicted to shopping once because I stock up pretty good when something’s on sale for a decent price. I explained to him how much it irks me to pay full price for something when I know what it costs on sale. Mayo, $4.00 a jar. Ridiculous and now the jars are 2 ozs. less!

So for dinner I will be cooking corned beef, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. I will fill up basically on the veggies, mainly cabbage at 0 pts. (which at one store is free with the corned beef), a few carrots and a red potato and figure about 10 pts. I know myself too well to think I’ll only have a 2 oz. slice of beef so I’m allowing for 4 ozs.

It could be worse. We could eat big slabs of bacon here like they do in Ireland. LOL

Girl Scout Cookies vs. WeightWatchers Points

If you have been out of the house at all, you realize this weekend the Girl Scouts of America have broke loose with the Girl Scout cookies. Starting yesterday they are outside of grocery stores and banks across America. Today (Saturday)the BF says they’re everywhere. I’m pretty basically sure he only noticed because I brought home 60 boxes myself last nite.

I had all the good intentions one on a diet can have. I went to a grocery store last nite that has two entrances, one at each end of the store. I was quick to notice the Girl Scouts at one door as I was looking for parking. I was so good. I parked at the other end of the store where there were none (are the Girl Scout groups getting smaller? Why weren’t they covering both doors?). From this store I actually had a really good coupon for Oreo’s. I like those and Chips Ahoy because I can buy the low fat versions. I have to ask myself how do you buy Oreo’s after seeing the Girl Scouts and they only give you one chance once a year?

I did my shopping, comparing prices, checking food labels, all the good stuff. Then I go to check out. Who has the shortest line? The guy by the Girl Scout cookies of course. So I had to go that way, you know.

In this economy even the Girl Scouts of America are in trouble. They had to discontinue (one of my favorites)some flavors, change others, and take 2 cookies out of every box. Pretty sad, aye? So this is how I chose to help stimulate the economy. I bought my cookies plus some for all those people that (are smart enough) don’t buy cookies for whatever their reasons. I knew what I was doing when I did it, and what’s worse is I will probably replenish which ever cookies go first before the Girl Scouts quit selling them.

So how am I going to deal with this dastardly dead? As soon as I brought the box in the kitchen, not the box of cookies like “a box of cookies” the box that held all the boxes of cookies I bought, I pulled out my trusty pointsfinder, a red Sharpie, and put how many cookies I could have for how many points on the top of each box.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

I have learned:

  1. I can only have two of my favorite peanut butter for 3 points (but it’s actually like 4 cookies if you break them apart).
  2. If I eat the “Thin Mints” I can have 1 cookie per point.
  3. Shortbread give the biggest quantity for the least points (5/4)
  4. They screwed me up when they changed the lemon cookie. It is no longer “lower fat”. (3/4)
  5. The “sugar free” chocolate chip is not “a low calorie” food. (3/4)
  6. The new “de leuche” cookie is really bad and I can have 3 cookies for 5 points.

Who am I to gripe? At least with WeightWatchers these aren’t off the list completely because we can eat whatever we want. LOL

Pork Loin and Acorn Squash by WW

Sticking to my plan of cooking more WeightWatchers recipes last night I cooked a pork loin with acorn squash. Pork loin was on sale super cheap if you bought a big one, so I bought one that made about 3  three or four pound roasts. I usually don’t have a special fondness for pork loin because it always seems to come out so dry. This was really nice and there was glaze left in the bottom of the pan to spoon over the pork after it was cooked.

I need to get used to acorn squash again. With this glaze it had just a nice, slight orange and sweet flavor without overpowering it. The BF said it was really good and he knows not to say that if he doesn’t want to eat it again. LOL.

Usually when I do a roast I just sprinkle some tried and true combo of spices out of a jar, but this calls for a little salt, pepper, sage and garlic cloves. Here’s what I did.

  • 3 lb. pork loin roast
  • 1/2 TBLS. salt
  • 1/2 TBLS. fresh ground pepper
  • 4 TBLS. sage
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3/4 cup orange juice
  • 6 TBLS. real maple syrup
  • 2 acorn squash, halved and seeded

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a roasting pan with foil. Spray foil with Pam or whatever you use. Rub roast with about 3/4 of your spice mix and garlic. Cook for about 20 min. Take the balance of the mix and rub around the edges of the acorn squash.

Take the pork out of the oven and put the squash, cut side down around the pork in the roasting pan, and shove back in the oven for about 30 min.

Mix the orange juice and maple syrup. Pull the pork and squash out of the oven and turn the squash cut side up. Baste everything with the orange juice and maple mix. Cook 15-20 more minutes or until internal temp of pork reaches about 160 degrees and the squash is done. Baste 2 or 3 more times while finishing the cooking. I finally on the last 5 minutes just poured what I had left all over everything.

Enjoy. If you’re counting points, this is approx. 7 points per serving. I’m open to suggestions if you want to put any in the comments below.

It Has How Many Points?

When the Weight Watchers “Points Finder” doesn’t go up that high, you better not eat it. LOL. I love how most places have the nutritional info online now for most of their menu items.  I think that’s part of the reason I never go out for a hamburger anymore. What gets me is when you think you’re making a healthier choice, and it’s still 800 calories. I love the ‘mach combo burrito’ at our local Del Taco, but it’s 25 points. That’s my WHOLE DAMN DAY’S WORTH! It weighs a ton, and sometimes I just have to have one, so I stretch it over 2 meals, like one today, one tomorrow, then I don’t feel so guilty and at least I can still have something for supper. That’s where the list comes in handy that lists all the foods by point value. I just take from the “0” and “1” pointers.

All in all I’m back on track. I’m back to drinking my 1 part unsweetened cranberry juice to 7 parts water when I first wake up. I drink that while I’m waiting for my coffee. It sure wakes you up in a hurry when you’re not drinking a bunch of sugar. I never realized how tart those little red berries can be. It also hydrates after sleeping all nite, and most important, flushes the junk out.

I’ve been doing good going to the gym. I think I’ve finally found the right combination. It’s close to my house, I know what I want to do so I don’t have to rely on anyone, and the tredmills measure my heart rate whenever I want it to. I’m still working on when the best time is to go. For me it’s when I first wake up, but for the club it seems to be even busier in the wee hours of the morning than it normally is. There were a lot of older, older people there this morning early, along with the “get it in before going to work” crowd. I guess I’ll just keep trying different times until I find a time when it’s not so full.

It’s going to be a busy day around here today. My oldest daughter is coming up from central valley, and my middle daughter is moving out.  After today it’s “no more kids”. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. The first time my middle daughter left, it was fine. She was just out of high school and we fought all the time. After she learned what the “real” world was like and moved back in, we’re quite good friends now. I will miss her.

All the kids wonder in and out. My son doesn’t live very far away, so unless I’m bugging him to get a job or go back to school, I see him fairly often. My oldest daughter makes it up here every few weeks and usually spends a night or two, so that’s always nice. This daughter is moving about 8 hrs. away, so I doubt she will be coming home very often. The one good thing is the house she’s moving into (her cousin’s) is right across the way from a timeshare resort that I’m a member of, so I have a place to stay if I go down there.

Decisions, Decisions…

I love having one thing in my diet that is consistant and helps my health on many levels. For me that thing is the first thing I eat in the morning. It sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day. I start with yogurt mix in flaxseed oil, flaxseed, and some kind of fruit, even tho it is usually a fruit flavored yogurt. Now that they are adding probyotics (sp?) it’s even better. Usually my yogurt of choice is Dannon “Light & Fit”. It only has 60 calories for a 6oz container, no fat and I think (because I don’t have it on hand right now) only 1 grm. of fiber. It’s also usually on sale when I need it which 50 cents each is pretty sweet. (1pt)

The last time I went to get yogurt, they had WeightWatchers brand on sale instead. WeightWatchers has 100 calories (40 calorie diff), but 3 grms of fiber (2gms diff). (1pt) So now I have a dilemma. If they both are only 1 pt. is it better to have the 40 extra calories with the extra fiber, or is it better to stick with the less calories, but less fiber? Crazy isn’t it? So I appreciate any help here, assuming all other things are the same, or if someone knows why one is better for me than the other, I would love to hear it.

A Couple of Things If You’re Losing Weight…

#1. I am so happy! I have always loved english muffins, and on Weight Watchers, they are definitely an alternative bread choice, but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice 2pts. where I could have 2 pieces of light bread toast for 1pt. I don’t know how long they’ve been out, but now Thomas’s (the english muffin people) have come out with a “light” english muffin. It’s terrific! Each muffin is 100 calories, only 1 gm of fat, and 8gm. of fiber. On the WeightWatchers point scale, that is only 1. Not only that, but evidently at one time they used high fructose corn-syrup, which they don’t do anymore. It just brought back a little bit of deliciousness for me. (It’s amazing how excited you can get about something so little, aye?).

The other thing I wanted to talk about is putting lemon in your water when you’re out. I think this is an old dieting trick for adding a little bit of acid hoping to burn just a few more calories. After watching this, I will never do that again!

Not A Whole Lot To Say…

Easter went off just fine. Both the kids had to work, but that’s okay I guess. The ham  was perfect and I even made gravy from the pan drippings. (A little salty for my taste). I have to admit, without the Easter Baskets this year, it was like there was a little something missing all day. As old as the kids are, I used to make them hunt for eggs, etc.  This year I also had to worry about dessert, something that never mattered before because everyone ate the chocolate in their baskets. Thank goodness for sugar free instant pudding and fat-free milk. LOL. I made a banana cream pie, folding a little Cool Whip into the top half, in a lower fat grahmcracker crust and then just a drizzle of Lite Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. If I tracked the points right, it still was 4pts. a slice, but it was good. Luckily I was too full after dinner, so I had it for breakfast. I know, shame, shame.

I did want to say that I have been “listening to my body” for that “satisfaction sigh”, when you’re supposed to put down the fork and be done. The problem I’m having with that is that I apparently am like Pavlov’s dog. I’ll be eating and start thinking about it, then I do it. I don’t think that’s how it was meant to work. Sometimes I think about it shortly after I start eating and then it happens. If I follow the rules, I’m nowhere near satisfied (of course, that probably wouldn’t hurt me any as far as dropping a few pounds), but it’s frustrating! If anyone else uses that as a “body signal” how do you handle it? Is it just me? When I think about it and I’m not eating, it makes me yawn. Weird.

Over the Holiday I also got a look at being an “empty nester”. The kids had gone to friends after work Sun. nite and stayed most of Monday. It was definitely quiet around here. While I am anxious to have them move out so I can have my house back, I have a few doubts on how well I’m going to handle it. As they’ve grown up, we’ve really become quite good friends. I’m just hoping I’ll be busy enough changing everything around, I won’t have time to notice they’re gone.