Working on Motivation, Exercise

I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins lately. Not just for weight loss but for other areas of my life as well. He’s really quite inspirational. He’s saying in order to make permanent changes, we need to get “disturbed” about where we are and work on changing our belief system, that something isn’t “that bad”. It’s about getting totally honest with yourself instead of pussy footing around the adjectives. Yes, 50 pounds overweight is that bad. Yes when I look at myself naked in the mirror it is disturbing. Yes my ass is fat whether in or out of those jeans. LOL.

My mother has been in ICU the last 3 weeks, so the only exercise I’m getting is walking to her room, but I am taking total advantage of it. I walk briskly to get my heart rate up. It’s a fair distance from one end of the parking lot to her room in ICU so it’s sort of like “heart training” and I do it at least 3 times per day. Now I just hope all those health gurus are right when they say 3 ten minute walks are as good as one 30 minute walk. Today I will be adding on walking from my house at least once. I’m actually fairly close and so have decided there really is no excuse.


A New Motivation

Aids Walk SF

Aids Walk SF

I feel sorry for Denver as I watch the news last nite. The shot was of cars during rush hour not moving because of a blizzard. I’m sure glad that storm wasn’t that bad when it hit us last week. All we got was some rain and in some places some hale. They were literally getting snowed in where they sat on the freeway.

Here in California the weather is heating up and the sun is shining. The temps have been in the 70’s and heading higher, according to the 7 day forecast. With the sunny days come the farmer’s markets, the art and wine festivals and a whole slue of out door activities.

For me it’s a reminder that the Aids walk isn’t too far off. Last year  I decided at the last minute to keep my daughter company as she walked, and it just about killed me! It’s a 10k (or 6 mile) walk and for some reason I thought I could do it without having been hardly off my butt in a year. LOL

This year I’m going to be ready for her. Almost every year she’s looking for someone to walk with her. This year I’m going to get my butt in the gym and be ready when July rolls around again. At the same time I’m testing the theory that if you sign up for something like this it helps to get you and keep you motivated. I’ll let you know if it works.