What Really Works for Weight Loss?

Oprah pulling fat

If it was out of the bag?

What really works for weight loss? No this isn’t going to be some sales blog for all my products, etc. I know what works, the same old sage advice “Diet and Exercise”, but what if you know what works, but you just can’t make yourself “do it”? That’s where I’m at. I just don’t have the motivation and some of the stuff I’ve done in the past doesn’t work as well now that I’m older and “post menopausal”. LOL.

I was getting in and out of the shower today and was looking at my body. I know, don’t hate, and I don’t. I just don’t like very much and it doesn’t feel as good as it did when I weighed what I am supposed to. I remembered how flabbergasted I was when I saw the picture of Oprah pulling 65 pounds of fat behind her in the wagon as a representative of all the weight she had lost this particular time. That led me to remember a WeightWatchers leader mentioning about getting a pound of fat and take it home and play with it, feel it, look at it. Yuck! So I was thinking how ugly that 65 pounds of fat would have been if Oprah had unleashed it in the red wagon instead of having it all neatly packed into the bag.

I’m thinking I’m really tired of making the same old resolutions this year that end up not being kept (doesn’t say much for my integrity does it? LOL). I think this year I’ll make a resolution to get more motivated by buying a couple pounds of fat. I can see a roll of fat that runs under my boobs across the front and then it kind of indents, and then the big belly fat below that if I was 30 yrs. younger someone may mistake for a small child growing inside. LOL. But my skin is sort of like the bag around the fat in Oprah’s red wagon. It keeps it somewhat contained. I think it’s time to unleash it and see what it’s really like, figuratively speaking of course. See if that works any better than anything else I’ve tried to stay motivated. Desperate times call for desperate measures. LOL.

Anyone else with any new ideas for staying motivated to lose weight in the new year? I’d love liposuction, but then that would lead to plastic surgery, and then, OMG where does it end?

Oh, speaking of losing weight and good food, I added a link to a food blog today. There is a beautiful recipe for Christmas pudding on there, that if you’ve ever wanted to try it or even see that it’s a real food, this is the place! A ton of recipes. Not all “diet friendly”, but I know how to substitute for most things. Like I said, I know what works, I just may not always do it. LOL.

Happy Holidays everybody, what ever that is for you, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year for me.

Damn You, Valerie!

valerieOkay, not really. I love Valerie Bertinelli. I used to think she was so cute in “One Day At A Time” when I was younger. And yes, I’m one of the million who could not understand how a girl like her could marry Van Halen (bad boy). I remember seeing her in a couple of made-for-tv-movies but I hadn’t seen her in awhile.

I’m sure everyone saw when she took Kirstie Alley’s job away as spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Evidently Kirstie Alley’s rowing the same boat to weight gain that I am. LOL. I haven’t seen many commercials for awhile featuring either one of them, although the “rags” are more than happy to keep us informed of every ounce poor Kirstie gains back.

Yesterday as I sign on to AOL (almost online) I end up staring right into the face of sweet Valerie and the story of her posing in a bikini on the cover of people magazine. She looks like  a 20 yr. old and you could never tell she’s had a child! Me, I still carry part of my “baby weight” in what we non-affectionately call an “apron”. She’s  almost 50! She said she hadn’t worn a bikini in 20 years. On top of that she’s written a new book about her weight loss called “Losing It: How I Got My Life Back One Pound At A Time”. I don’t think we’ll be seeing her on the front page of the Enquirer with a story about how she gained all her weight back any time soon.

While she didn’t have to pay for her food like you or I would, according to her she attributes most of her weight loss to 10,000 steps per day. She didn’t get a personal trainer until she wanted to lose the last 15 or 20 lbs. She doesn’t even “wrinkle” right for her age (you know, one of those damn natural beauties). I have 3 pedometers and I can’t get even 1 to work right, although after today I’m going to try again with my favorite one.

So I got to thinking.

1) I should have been doing my lifestyle changes with her instead of just watching. I may have been done now too.

2) I don’t think I like Heather Locklear much either. LOL.

3) I have run out of excuses. The last one I was clinging to was being post menopausal, it’s harder to lose (especially if you don’t move a lot). 

Too many of these women that look so good are my age or older! Look at Meryl Streep, Faye Dunaway, Goldie Hawn (who does look like hell without makeup, but she’s in great shape). There really is no excuse for letting myself go like this and not doing something about it. So, I’m off again to log my points and make another stab at the gym. (If I can find parking I might even go in this time).

Thank you contactmusic.com for the pic. At least in this one it looks like she could use a little work on those underarms. LOL.

I Love Science And Weight Loss

When you’ve dieted as many times and for as many years of your life as I have, you get to a point where just about everything you hear is the “same old stuff”, which I guess no matter how you cut it, it keeps being the same old stuff because that’s what works.

“Watch the calories. Burn more than you eat.” blah, blah, blah.

Every once in awhile science makes a breakthrough that helps the same old stuff work better or faster. One of those new things is the way we exercise.

I get a lot of health magazines and newsletters. I sell vitamins and nutritional supplements so I like to keep up with that kind of information. Some of the newsletters I get are from doctors that don’t necessarily “conform to the norm”. LOL. They do a lot of their own research, come up with their own theories, and fight an uphill battle until the regular populous of doctors “get it”.  One such doctor is Dr. Al Sears.

I have read his articles and looked at his P.A.C.E. program for exercise for years. His big thing in life seems to be making people aware that cardio is actually bad for your health (heart) and the way we should be exercising for health and weight loss. Now his way of thinking has pretty much taken off. While they don’t tell you how bad cardio for extended periods of time is for you, they are preaching more about circuit training and interval training as a way of boosting your metabolism and burning more fat.

The first one to “get it” was Curves, the gym that was basically women only and you move between resistance training and cardio every 30 seconds. They had everything set up in a circle and you move from machine to running in place to machine to running, until you completed the circle twice. For a beginner, I thought that worked pretty well. If you were more experienced you could always ramp it up.

Now as I look at some of the trainings for these marathon and half marathon runners, they are teaching the interval training. The “Couch to 5K” is a great example of that. It’s where you do bursts of high intensity in between regular brisk walking. This kind of exercise is supposed to strengthen your heart, plus keep your metabolism working long after your done. They say their interval training will have anyone running 3 miles in just 2 months following their plan.

Since getting older and so much more sedentary than I’ve ever been, strengthening the heart is a biggy for me. They say the reason that people run marathons and then kiel over dead when appearing to be in perfect health is that while running, the heart is under constant stress. The interval training “conditions” it vs. stressing it.

Did you know if you just stand instead of sitting one more hour per day, you burn an extra 100 calories? I thought that was interesting.

Also being post- menapausal the things that used to work for me to lose weight aren’t working any more. My body reacts differently to things than it used to. I’ve been using the interval training and the circut training, and I do feel a difference. Now I just need to be a bit better about my eating plan.

Speaking of eating, any body else go to Superbowl parties yesterday where there is much more food on the buffet table than there are people to eat it?

Dieting and Osteoporosis Pt. 2

I got a little sidetracked yesterday, but here’s the rest of what I learned about dieting and osteoporosis that I was going to share.

First of all, if you are on any of the drugs that are supposed to help build bone mass, please do your research or talk to your doctor. My mother was on Fosomax and it turns out it was a good thing we kept forgetting to give it to her. I have taken her off it completely and her doctor when I spoke to him about it, wasn’t at all surprised nor did he argue with me about it. Many of these drugs are being found to just make the bone harder, not actually help rebuild, causing complications with women’s jaw bones when they go to the dentist, etc. For more info see my blog at http://www.lauriannsnewlife.blogspot.com

Now for the other stuff. I don’t know how many of you have heard high homo-cysteine levels are the true predictor of strokes vs. cholesterol levels, but it turns out high levels aren’t good for your bones either. Both men and women are twice as likely to suffer from hip fractures when their homo-cysteine levels are elevated. Supplements of folic acid, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12 and either choline and/or betaine can lower elevated homocysteine levels. By contrast diets high in fatty meats and particularly processed meats like hot dogs, sausages, bologna and pepperoni markedly increase the level of homo-cysteine in the blood for several hours after every high protein meal. Fasting homo-cysteine levels and LDL levels are also elevated in people who eat more fatty animal products and fewer whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nonfat dairy products.

This one’s a tough one for me. Caffeine, especially in women who don’t get the recommended daily allowance of calcium, is a culprit in the loss of bone mass density. I drink a pot before anyone in the house is even awake, which is probably one of the reasons my BMD is already in trouble. The lifetime intake of the amount of caffeine in as little as 2 cups of coffee per day is associated with decreased BMD in older women. It’s also important to make teenagers aware of their dietary choices to protect them in the future. A diet high in meat, with the regular use soft drinks instead of nonfat milk as a beverage, will likely reduce peak bone mass in the young and increase the risk of developing osteoporosis in later years.

A diet of potassium rich fruits and vegetables is also reported to help reduce bone loss. For many this isn’t really an option as some of the prescription drugs for high blood pressure warn against extra potassium. The drug itself causes your body to collect potassium in your system, so be sure to read the warnings on the labels.

Many trace minerals are essential for maintaining bone density. The American diet is so full of white flour, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and refined fats and oils, that we generally don’t get the amount of trace minerals necessary. Here again are where more fruits and vegetables help fill the bill. Whole grains, legumes and dark green vegetables are the best dietary sources of magnesium and supply trace minerals and other factors that may improve bone health.

We all try to switch to more fruits and vegetables when we decide it’s time to lose weight, but there are so many other reasons to do it, the weight really is more of the “icing on the cake” and should happen as a natural side effect. Right now is the season to take advantage of so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that are fresh and make such great snacks. Have you tried getting in your “9 fruits and vegetables” (it used to be 5) a day? There’s hardly room or time to be eating all the “wrong” stuff. LOL.

For more info on magnesium of vitamin D deficeincies, see my blog at http://www.lauriannsnewlife.blogspot.com

Disclaimer: I am in no way a healthcare provider of any  kind and the stuff I pass on here is only from my own research. You should always consider consulting your physician if you plan on making dietary changes.

I Didn’t Disappear…

And neither have the pounds. I have been doing some research. I, for the first time wanted to know all I could on body changes thru peri- and post- menopause. I know most of you I communicate with are young enough you don’t feel you have to worry about this yet, but you should. I wish for all my knowledge of the body and nutrition, I had known just a little more about this transition in my life, before I got here. It’s amazing to me how much what you do now has to do with what happens later. I always thought because I had lost weight in the past I could do it again, anytime I wanted. Even tho it’s always hard to go back to eating properly and losing the extra weight, and God knows it never comes off as fast as it went on, your dealing with a new set of rules after menopause.

One of the common things to take place as we age is a lack of activity. If you think about it, most of us actually start this the day we get our driver’s license and quit walking everywhere. I, as a girl, lived in a small town and we thought nothing of walking uptown, all the way down the main drag, then back again. Even if you’re not overeating, this is one thing you need to step up, not start slacking off of. What do I do? I am no longer working as I used to, so I am no longer on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day. I am not running back and forth behind the bar, and I am not lifting cases of beer. While I used to use work as an excuse for not working out, now I have replaced it with sitting at the computer most of the time. For those of you who have been with me awhile, you know from my prior posts that exercise is one of the hardest lifestyle changes I need to make. I need to make it because “belly fat” comes with old age, the dangerous kind (which is probably why I keep saying ‘this fat feels different than before’). I like to do activities, but I hate exercise. I am looking into classes, but many of them are only once a week. I am looking at weight lifting DVD’s, but really don’t know where to start. The one thing that is the same after menopause is that muscle burns fat, and unfortunately mother nature is working against me here. As we age we suffer muscle loss just thru the changes in our body unless we do something to counter act it.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I don’t have a lot of room (too much clutter and too many people), but if anyone knows of classes that run a few times a week vs. once, or something that’s worked for you, please let me know. I’ve gone thru all the contemplation. I need to move! If I’m going to stick to a good eating plan, I need to see something happen, and this appears to be the only way to do that. Damn it!

I Swear…Really

I weighed in yesterday, but it wasn’t good. Oh, I went down, but not much for as good as I’ve been.  I know a lot of it is lack of exercise, but I’m not eating anything like I used to, and, I was so good all last week. It’s so frustrating! I’m thinking our bodies change all the time and maybe I need a change in diet. I really am thinking about switching to core, just to shake things up a bit. It is kind of nice to have a definite list of what you can eat and if it’s not on the list, don’t eat it. I just worry about doing that this time of year as the flex points gives me a way to have unusual things over the holidays.

Thanks to Hueyea for mentioning the satisfaction “sigh”. I had never heard that before and then they mentioned it in the meeting yesterday. Last night was the first time I had paid attention to it, and I quit eating right then (which is supposed to be the idea).

I really thought once I reached menopause, losing weight would actually be a little easier because of not dealing with water weight, etc. anymore. I didn’t realize while I sing praises for that, everything else has slowed down. My exercise, metabolism, etc. It really  isn’t fair!

For a little longer I will probably stay on flex, work harder on exercise and my water. I have decided to do a little more research on women postmenopausal to get more of an idea how things work. Just a word of advice to you younger ladies, it’s good you’re working on it now. Get rid of it young and keep it off while it is so much better insurance for your old age, and while it’s still relatively easier than later. (Altho it’s never easy. I’ve dieted all my life, I understand)