I Am Moving And…

my house is getting cleaner! In one of my earlier posts, I had said about doing housework for exercise to kill two birds with one stone. I’m here to say that it works. It just takes a holiday and company coming to get me motivated! LOL. Really tho, I feel so much better. I have been super dusting high and low, vacuming, cleaning out (some, not enough, according to my daughter) clutter, and running back and forth to the garage. This doesn’t include the shopping.

Today we are finally going to get our tree, so I’ll be wrestling with that and then decorating it. There will be a few more trips to the garage and I still have a little shopping left to do, grocery and XMAS. I think I will manage to get a little exercise in today with that stuff going on. For me, as of yet it’s not so much a matter of having an exercise routine as it is just getting in motion. My daughter and I are signing up at the gym tho, so that will help with a routine after Christmas.

My WW bars have been a Godsend. I don’t know why I insist on torturing myself so, but I do. The other night I was grocery shopping, and instead of avoiding the bakery, which would be the smart thing to do, I had to look at every little thing. They had some of the most beautifully decorated holiday cakes and most scrumptious desserts I have ever seen, especially for a store bakery. I can’t say that it wasn’t tempting because you would know I was lying or I just wasn’t human, but I kept telling myself I had the 2pt bars full of Chocolate in the car. All I was doing was looking. Of course, looking usually adds 5lbs. just by osmosis. Just kidding, but sometimes I feel like that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever it is you celebrate, and that things are going smoothly. Don’t forget to pamper yourself a little in between dealing with family, etc. For tips on how not to be one of the “Holiday Heart Attack” statistics, visit me at http://www.lauriannsnewlife.blogspot.com Some of the things I learned while researching my article on “Why Death Visits The Holidays” really surprised me and it might you too. So many of us have had a friend or a loved one “pass” this time of year. I hope you find it interesting reading. It may help you recognize the signs in someone else.