Weight Loss and New Year’s Resolutions

holiday weight gain

Sooo True

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time where we once again set out to make our weight loss resolutions for the New Year. Do you ever wonder why they don’t stick? We start out so motivated, and then it doesn’t take long, we’re back to our same old bad habits. This morning I read an article from someone who had a totally different approach that may be much more helpful than the same old stuff.

We all already know it takes 21 days to break an old habit or start a new one. That’s no big weight loss secret for those of us who have been around the diet world for any length of time. It’s also hard work to incorporate new habits and get rid of the old. It’s very easy to backslide.

What if this year we took a different approach? What if this year instead of setting a weight loss New Year’s resolution to lose 50 lbs., we set a positive goal? Following the old “Turn It Into Something Good”, what if we laid out a plan like we would, say, if we were buying a car or something? If we were going to buy a certain car, we would figure how much it was going to cost and set that as our goal. Then we would figure how much out of each paycheck we would have to save (or how much we would be able to save) and how long it would be before we could go pay for it.

So what if we started on our weight loss goal this way. I have 50 lbs. to lose. They say I should be able to lose 2lbs. a week to be healthy. That would be 25 weeks from the 1st of January 2010. That takes me to June 25th, 2010. Hey, that’s just in time for the hot weather here. Perfect!

So my goal is to lose 50 lbs. and fit into my size 12 jeans and be able to wear a tank top by June 25th, 2010. Next is to figure the steps to get there. I think I would start out with 1 thing at a time. For the 1st week I’ll cut out sugar. Been doing a little of the Christmas snacking, so that is a necessity. The next week I’ll keep the “cut out sugar” and add “start some small type of exercise“. Maybe parking clear at the other end of the parking lot when I go to the store and walk fast from the car to the store, and from the store to the car. Just enough to get that heart beat up.

Then the 3rd week, I’ll cut out the sugar, park way far away (or start walking a little in the morning by my house) and add eating 1 fruit per day (because lately I haven’t been eating any). See how easy it would be to lay out a whole 25 week plan? You just keep building on the week before. You may not lose 2 lbs. the first week or the second, but you may lose 5 in the 3rd. Or the 1 step may be to not only weigh yourself, but to measure for those times when you don’t lose any weight, but you lose inches.

I could see how this could work. We all know what we’re doing wrong and we all know what we need to improve on. Talk about a personalized plan! It’s not rocket science. LOL. My pics are already up. I’m ready to give this a shot. Between just doing what I know, and drawing up a plan, I may just be ready to be older, sexier, and skinnier in 201o!

Weigh In A-Ok

It’s 6:00 at nite the second day after Christmas, and right before I started this post I decided at weigh myself and see what the damage was. Not only was there Christmas, but yesterday was my Birthday! I am glad to report I am no worse for the wear. In fact, with all the walking I’ve been doing I may not have only not gained weight for the holidays, but maybe lost a pound or two. I weigh exactly the same in all my winter sweats, at nite, as I did in my light summer clothes when it was so hot and I weighed myself in the morning. I consider that a good thing! LOL.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and good times were had by all. Looking back, between Christmas shopping and my oldest daughter being here and running my tail off all over town, I’ve probably had more exercise than I have in a while. Now I’m getting ready for the new year, a new plan (or the old one that works) and see if I can’t straighten my goofy life out. I really think my weight is just a by-product of the chaos in the rest of my life.  I wrote about taking back control of my life awhile ago. It’s time I put it into action!

Speaking of that, I have put up a page of links to all kinds of free gifts for all my friends here online. Please visit my “Merry Christmas and Happy My Birthday” page. There is all kinds of free stuff at these things, whether you are trying to live off the internet full time, blogging full time, or need a little help in the self improvement department.  There’s a lot of good stuff, some not so good, some you may not care about, but they’re fun to check out and can be very valuable.

I want to thank you all for the enjoyment I’ve received from reading your blogs if you have one, for the encouragement you give me to keep fighting and not give up, and for the friendship I feel even tho we haven’t met face to face “yet”.

Love, Me

Christmas Food Traditions

At our house we’re a pretty traditional type family, which meands we pretty much cook and serve the same things year after year. One reason for this is to keep the tradition, the other is because my mother usually has a fit when we change things. LOL. She very rarely likes what new thing we try, altho my sister has had better luck at this than I have. I guess being the oldest I’m the one who is supposed to carry the family traditions through. LOL.

One of the dishes that was a tradition growing up was a thing called Strawberry Delight. My mother had told us years ago she had lost the recipe, so I haven’t made it in quite awhile, and I’ve missed it. It’s just as light as can be and such a great taste. Yesterday morning I spent a couple of hours hunting down the recipe on the net, but to no avail. While I could remember what didn’t go in it, I could not remember what did.

When my mother woke up I started questioning her, trying to get some information on ingredients and she asked why I didn’t just go get the recipe out of her blue notebook. Ughhh. Of course I make substitutions now since I worry more about my weight than I did growing up, but it’s still a wonderful fruit “salad” to serve with dinner or an excellent dessert after a large meal.

Our version of “Strawberry Delight” (Can be lemon if you prefer)

This makes a 9×13 inch pan and serves 12

My mother used to make this on the holidays and it was so good, but light as air.

The nutritional calculator seems to be off. I don’t know if I edited too many times or what! LOL
30 Minutes to Prepare 


Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened, 2 packages, thawed
1 large package Strawberry Jello prepared with 21/4 cups boiling water,
1 cup sugar (4 Tbsp for crust)
2 cans chilled, evaporated skimmed milk
Graham Crackers, low fat, plain, 48 large rectangular piece
1 cup low fat margerine


Using an 9×13 inch pan it yields 12 servings.
Mix strawberry jello and sugar (save 4 tbsp. for grahm cracker crust) with boiling water. Let cool till syrupy, then whip. Whip chilled canned milk. Whip milk and syrupy jello together, add strawberries and whip them all together.
Roll the 48 graham crackers fine. Add 4 Tbsp. sugar and 1 cup melted butter or margarine. Pack 1/2 mix into pan for a crust. Pour in Strawberry mixture. Sprinkle balance of crumbs evenly on top. Set in refrigerator to harden.

I’ll be posting some XMAS gifts either later today or tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, which ever one you celebrate!

Checking In…

 About 3 lbs heavier this AM. I don’t really think it was Christmas as much as it was probably my Birthday yesterday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, and happy Boxing Day to all my friends in Canada.  When I was up there it would be so odd if I had to give someone my birthdate for some reason, (DMV, etc.) right away they would mention about being born on ‘Boxing Day’. Canada or America, it’s another day of presents and ‘after Christmas sales’! Seems good to me. LOL

I, myself, had an exceptionally good holiday, even tho absolutely none of the gifts I ordered thru the mail and paid extra for faster shipping, got here on time. I ended up wrapping pics and descriptions of what they could expect, so the kids would at least have something to open. Part of it finally showed up yesterday, after my daughter had left for home, of course.

My oldest daughter came up from Central Cal and stayed for a couple of days. It’s the first time she’s stayed with us in quite awhile. (The house is just too full for anyone or anything else). It was great! Everyone got along perfectly, and the 3 of them slept in the livingroom around the Christmas tree just like when they were little. They were up a lot earlier than I thought they would be, but it was so wonderful to hear them joking and laughing first thing in the morning. Then as their usual Christmas tradition, after presents, they went to a movie while my dear BF and I cooked.

Yesterday my oldest daughter ushered me out of the house bright and early to go check out furniture for her new apartment and go exchange one of her gifts at Macy’s.  This all under the gise of taking me out for my birthday. LOL. It was fun tho. We had a ball walking thru the mall, which I haven’t really done in years. She had to leave early yesterday afternoon so she could be at work last nite at 6.

My middle daughter is taking me out to lunch today and for a couple of cocktails. Yeah! I’ve waited so many years to hear one of my kids say that to me. It feels even better than I imagined. LOL. So needless to say, I’m still celebrating! My boyfriend made my favorite Prime Rib dinner, (hence the 3lbs), got me a beautiful chocolate bday cake, that I’ll probably leave for the kids, and some gorgous pink roses. He was also the one to finally find the perfume antomizer that I have been wanting for years. I currently spray my afterbath splash out of a spray bottle that would normally be used for some kind of cleaning supply. It drives my daughters crazy, and it’s just one more of the endearing qualities I have that causes my oldest daughter to proclaim she comes from a ‘white trash’ or ‘trailer trash’ background. (fondly, of course).

I Am Moving And…

my house is getting cleaner! In one of my earlier posts, I had said about doing housework for exercise to kill two birds with one stone. I’m here to say that it works. It just takes a holiday and company coming to get me motivated! LOL. Really tho, I feel so much better. I have been super dusting high and low, vacuming, cleaning out (some, not enough, according to my daughter) clutter, and running back and forth to the garage. This doesn’t include the shopping.

Today we are finally going to get our tree, so I’ll be wrestling with that and then decorating it. There will be a few more trips to the garage and I still have a little shopping left to do, grocery and XMAS. I think I will manage to get a little exercise in today with that stuff going on. For me, as of yet it’s not so much a matter of having an exercise routine as it is just getting in motion. My daughter and I are signing up at the gym tho, so that will help with a routine after Christmas.

My WW bars have been a Godsend. I don’t know why I insist on torturing myself so, but I do. The other night I was grocery shopping, and instead of avoiding the bakery, which would be the smart thing to do, I had to look at every little thing. They had some of the most beautifully decorated holiday cakes and most scrumptious desserts I have ever seen, especially for a store bakery. I can’t say that it wasn’t tempting because you would know I was lying or I just wasn’t human, but I kept telling myself I had the 2pt bars full of Chocolate in the car. All I was doing was looking. Of course, looking usually adds 5lbs. just by osmosis. Just kidding, but sometimes I feel like that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever it is you celebrate, and that things are going smoothly. Don’t forget to pamper yourself a little in between dealing with family, etc. For tips on how not to be one of the “Holiday Heart Attack” statistics, visit me at http://www.lauriannsnewlife.blogspot.com Some of the things I learned while researching my article on “Why Death Visits The Holidays” really surprised me and it might you too. So many of us have had a friend or a loved one “pass” this time of year. I hope you find it interesting reading. It may help you recognize the signs in someone else.

I Really Do Love The…

Christmas season! Everything is so beautiful and fun. It’s a shame so many people forget just the basics. It’s still free to take the kids and go looking at the beautiful homes dressed in Christmas lights. (Well, not completely free with the cost of gas being what it is). It’s still a wonderful time for quality time with the kids baking and candy making for friends and neighbors (Just be careful what you eat vs. giving away).  There are so many things that bring a special kind of joy and happiness that money just can’t buy.  I never thought I would say this, but I miss when my kids were little and everything was such a delight. Over the past few years of them growing up, I was always working and we lost sight of our old traditions and the things that made them special. I’m sorry I let that happen. Even tho they’re all young adults now, I get a second chance to bring a lot of those traditions back to life. I’ve been watching every Christmas movie and cartoon (Charlie Brown Christmas) I can see. I haven’t seen a lot of these in at least 10 yrs. and they still ‘warm the cockyls of my heart.

Taking WW bars with me in the car everywhere I go has helped me a lot when it comes to wanting some of the Holiday Sweets. I’ve been behaving altho at times it just isn’t easy, but neither is being too fat for my clothes, the lack of energy from being overweight, and everything else that goes with this extra person I’m carrying around with me on the outside. Here’s to all of us along this path, looking forward to a “lighter” 2008.

Armed And Dangerous…

To fat! I have a points counter in my purse. I have one in the kitchen drawer where I cook. I have one at my desk. I added a journal to the kitchen drawer last night, I have a journal in my room, and I am adding one to my purse. I’m serious! I’m going to do this right, and not having the tools on me will not be an excuse.

I didn’t get my chicken and dumplings last nite. In fact, I changed my dinner choices a half dozen times. I was so frustrated at the grocery store that right there and then I planned dinner for the next few days just so I don’t have to leave the house! In a way that’s a good thing. It sure helps stop the temptations of all the Christmas goodies. I ended up with ham (I sure miss the Armor 98% Fat Free version), 1/4 cup mac and cheese, (a cup was 7 pts. not that good), vegies, and beans. All in all I had a pretty successful day. I didn’t even have to dip into my extra allowance for my 8pts. worth of wine. LOL

I booked our hotel for Vegas for the last of Jan. It’s my oldest daughter’s birthday, so her, my middle daughter and I are going to spend it there. We were going to go a few yrs. ago, but never made it. The thing about Vegas is the food is so cheap! Thank goodness they have a lot of buffets with seafood, etc. so I am already starting to prepare myself.