I Was Ready With Recriminations…

I think that’s the word I’m looking for to describe my birthday lunch yesterday. My middle daughter who treated me to lunch, did as she does to everyone in the family who’s birthday it is, talked me into Red Lobster for lunch. I should explain this a little.

When the kids were small we used to take the family out any time it was one of their birthdays. When they were little, it was usually Chuck-E-Cheese (Pizza and games) or while it was open, Bullwinkle’s (Pizza, chicken, and games). Once I became a single mom, we started going other places, even if it was just cheap fastfood. It was the one time all of us were together, because it usually included my sister and her kids also, and all the attention was on the ‘Birthday’ child. As the children got older, they started having their favorite places that we basically only went to on someone’s birthday. My middle daughter has never waivered in her love for Red Lobster, no matter who’s birthday it was. She would bribe her younger brother to go on his birthday, and for her Grandmother’s birthday she always got her way because Grandma’s a lobster freak. I too love seafood, so I’m fairly easy. The only one she couldn’t work her magic on was her older sister, who hates fish.

I had basically perused the menu online and decided on the “endless soup and salad bowls”. That was bad enough since New England Clam Chowder is always my soup of choice. I had the salad first, which helped calm my appetite quite a bit, but who can resist the softest, most delicious, warm cheese biscuits they bring to the table? I have tried making these at home once, so I could control what ingredients went into them, thus controlling the points. They weren’t the same. I just had to have one, or maybe it was 2 (you know it was 2, LOL). The one thing I did do right was just have a little bit of leftover soup, probably a half cup, and a couple of shrimp for dinner. Not eating much last nite was probably the only reason I didn’t gain from yesterday. My first inclination was to not eat anything last nite, but I don’t need anything else slowing down my metabolism or making my body hoard what fat it has.

I was so good for Thanksgiving, so good for Christmas dinner, but I sure made up for it for my birthday! I think a part of that is a sense of ‘entitlement’ that I really should get over, but I’m ready now to bring in the new year. I’m looking over the “core” plan again to see if I can stick to it to give me a bit of a jumpstart, plus a couple of weeks ago they handed out a “quickstart” pamphlet that I haven’t even looked at. I’m scheduling my exercise, my posting, and working my ‘weightwatchers online tools’ for everyday. My motto shall be ‘Drop all this weight in 2008!” once and for all!