I Swear…Really

I weighed in yesterday, but it wasn’t good. Oh, I went down, but not much for as good as I’ve been.  I know a lot of it is lack of exercise, but I’m not eating anything like I used to, and, I was so good all last week. It’s so frustrating! I’m thinking our bodies change all the time and maybe I need a change in diet. I really am thinking about switching to core, just to shake things up a bit. It is kind of nice to have a definite list of what you can eat and if it’s not on the list, don’t eat it. I just worry about doing that this time of year as the flex points gives me a way to have unusual things over the holidays.

Thanks to Hueyea for mentioning the satisfaction “sigh”. I had never heard that before and then they mentioned it in the meeting yesterday. Last night was the first time I had paid attention to it, and I quit eating right then (which is supposed to be the idea).

I really thought once I reached menopause, losing weight would actually be a little easier because of not dealing with water weight, etc. anymore. I didn’t realize while I sing praises for that, everything else has slowed down. My exercise, metabolism, etc. It really  isn’t fair!

For a little longer I will probably stay on flex, work harder on exercise and my water. I have decided to do a little more research on women postmenopausal to get more of an idea how things work. Just a word of advice to you younger ladies, it’s good you’re working on it now. Get rid of it young and keep it off while it is so much better insurance for your old age, and while it’s still relatively easier than later. (Altho it’s never easy. I’ve dieted all my life, I understand)