Ready To Start Losing Weight…”Again”

Sea Lion exercise

Sea Lion Exercising

Yep, I’m ready to start losing weight again. My daughter called the other day and said she really needs to do something about her weight, so we decided that even though we live far apart, we could be each other’s support system. I explained to her that we both had to be accountable to each other. No dodging my phone calls because she doesn’t want to confess. LOL. We’ll see what happens.

I started tracking nutrition yesterday. Not really watching what I was eating, but more for just getting back in the habit of doing it. OMGosh, it’s no wonder I’ve done nothing but grow since I quit working outside the house! Between what I eat and no exercise… well, you know how it goes.

For exercise I think I have an ebook on my computer for good old ‘calisthenics’. If I can do a couple of jumping jacks without feeling like I’m going to fall through the floor, I may start doing those. I think she has a gym membership. Every time I do one of those I get into trouble. LOL.

Speaking of which, I am so mad at the “Right Stuff”. They sucked me in with low payments, no contract you could cancel at anytime, blah, blah, blah. Well, you can cancel at anytime, but you have to go in in person to do it, or mail them a letter. You cannot just call or email. Now they want several months worth of dues. What a pain. When we moved it wasn’t convenient to “go in” to cancel. Obviously I thought the mail was too slow, but now that I look back, I should have mailed a nice CANCELLATION letter. Ohhh, I hate them for my stupidity. LOL.

Weight Loss and New Year’s Resolutions

holiday weight gain

Sooo True

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time where we once again set out to make our weight loss resolutions for the New Year. Do you ever wonder why they don’t stick? We start out so motivated, and then it doesn’t take long, we’re back to our same old bad habits. This morning I read an article from someone who had a totally different approach that may be much more helpful than the same old stuff.

We all already know it takes 21 days to break an old habit or start a new one. That’s no big weight loss secret for those of us who have been around the diet world for any length of time. It’s also hard work to incorporate new habits and get rid of the old. It’s very easy to backslide.

What if this year we took a different approach? What if this year instead of setting a weight loss New Year’s resolution to lose 50 lbs., we set a positive goal? Following the old “Turn It Into Something Good”, what if we laid out a plan like we would, say, if we were buying a car or something? If we were going to buy a certain car, we would figure how much it was going to cost and set that as our goal. Then we would figure how much out of each paycheck we would have to save (or how much we would be able to save) and how long it would be before we could go pay for it.

So what if we started on our weight loss goal this way. I have 50 lbs. to lose. They say I should be able to lose 2lbs. a week to be healthy. That would be 25 weeks from the 1st of January 2010. That takes me to June 25th, 2010. Hey, that’s just in time for the hot weather here. Perfect!

So my goal is to lose 50 lbs. and fit into my size 12 jeans and be able to wear a tank top by June 25th, 2010. Next is to figure the steps to get there. I think I would start out with 1 thing at a time. For the 1st week I’ll cut out sugar. Been doing a little of the Christmas snacking, so that is a necessity. The next week I’ll keep the “cut out sugar” and add “start some small type of exercise“. Maybe parking clear at the other end of the parking lot when I go to the store and walk fast from the car to the store, and from the store to the car. Just enough to get that heart beat up.

Then the 3rd week, I’ll cut out the sugar, park way far away (or start walking a little in the morning by my house) and add eating 1 fruit per day (because lately I haven’t been eating any). See how easy it would be to lay out a whole 25 week plan? You just keep building on the week before. You may not lose 2 lbs. the first week or the second, but you may lose 5 in the 3rd. Or the 1 step may be to not only weigh yourself, but to measure for those times when you don’t lose any weight, but you lose inches.

I could see how this could work. We all know what we’re doing wrong and we all know what we need to improve on. Talk about a personalized plan! It’s not rocket science. LOL. My pics are already up. I’m ready to give this a shot. Between just doing what I know, and drawing up a plan, I may just be ready to be older, sexier, and skinnier in 201o!

Halloween Candy 75% Off- Weight 100% On

Another Halloween has come and gone, and unlike the Christmas retailers who are buying scaled down stock because of the economy, there was leftover chocolate Halloween candy everywhere!

I’m usually pretty good at passing up the candy when it’s for sale prior to Halloween because I think most of the time the prices are ridiculous. After Halloween though is a weak point. When the same big back of bite size candy bars is finally marked down to what is reasonable, I usually have to partake. you know, now that I think about it, I have the same problem at Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Man there are a lot of “candy” holidays!

I also pride myself on the fact that I only have to have 1 piece to be satisfied, and even that isn’t a daily thing, so a big bag will last quite awhile. Not the case with my mother. She has 2 sitting in the freezer at the ready at all times, and the bag is disappearing quickly. Now I remember why I used to hide it in our room or in the bottom of the freezer behind a bunch of stuff.

There’s no reason why we can’t partake in the finer foods of life (chocolate, cheesecake, etc) but like everything we do, we need to be able to stay in control. Planning is a great way to do that, if you know you’re going to be having something you shouldn’t. You can move calories around so that you’re not destroying all your hard work by having something you normally wouldn’t. Another great deterrent and tool is journaling. If you’re totally and brutally honest about writing down everything you stick in your mouth, trust me, you begin to have second thoughts before you have that second piece.

It’s getting into Thanksgiving now and we all need to do some planning in advance. How do you handle the holidays?


What I’ve Learned While Tracking My Food

These are the things I’ve been learning while tracking my nutrition of the last couple of weeks.

  1. Things aren’t quite so fattening if you only eat half.
  2. Even Chinese fast-food isn’t my friend.
  3. The place I’m staying uses whole milk and full fat cream cheese.
  4. I can save over 300 calories by cutting the bagel and cream cheese from breakfast.
  5. I may need to cut down from 1500 to 1200 calories a day.

Journaling or Tracking Your Food Really Helps.

Burger King Whopper

Burger King Whopper

I personally know that journaling what you eat, or tracking your food really helps when it comes to weight loss. So why don’t we do it? I don’t know. I’m sure there’s some deep-seeded, psychological reason that goes somewhere along the lines of self-sabotaging, but I don’t really know. Is it something to do with the rest of our lives being out of control and so it shows up in our weight? I don’t know that either.

What I do know is my life was (and still sort of is) out of control and I can pretty much say it coincides with my adding 50 pounds to my bodacious (lol) bod. I also know that when I lost weight before it was while tracking what I ate.

I started tracking again a couple weeks ago. I was shocked to see how much a bagel and cream cheese cost me. I was paying attention, tracking, and then I quit. It was working and then I quit. I’ve been trying to get back into it and I have to admit I’m not doing as good as I was before I found out what everything was calorie-wise.

Which leads me to this question. Do I quit journaling, even though it’s subconscious until I discover what I’m doing, because I just want to eat what I want to eat? I’m not suicidal (at least not yet) but maybe I’m too much into “instant gratification”. I’m really too old for that to be the case, but it really could be. I grew up with “delayed (really delayed) gratification” so maybe now I think I deserve it NOW. lol.

Whatever it is, I’ve been tracking the last 2 days and plan to now keep it up. I have learned that a Chicken Salad at Taco Bell without the shell or the dressing is only 430 calories, not 800. I track my nutrition on SparkPeople. They have what they call a “streak”. You can keep track of your streaks, like how many days in a row you journal, or exercise, or a number of other things. I’ll be turning it on to see how many days in a row I can go with tracking my food. Finding out the burger I had last night has 850 calories didn’t make me happy. It sure brings nutrition to the front of your mind. It would probably work even better if I looked up the foods before I ate them.

When All Was Said And Done…

Not eating the bagel yesterday may have been a good thing. With the bagel and cream cheese calorie count came in at over 500. Yesterday just having cereal, even with having a small blueberry muffin as a snack later in the morning, the calorie count came in at just a little over 300. Not bad.

Where I really saved in the calories and fat was having a WeightWatchers Smart Ones for dinner last night. Like I said, I’ll have to get used to the smaller portions, but even with 2 chicken drumsticks (no skin of course) it still came in low on the calorie and fat chart compared to what I’ve been eating.

I just might be able to pull this off. LOL. Now if I could just get my fat butt to start walking again, I’d have it made!

Breaking The Bagel and Cream Cheese Habit

After posting here yesterday I decided to add up all my calories and see how much damage I was actually doing to myself. This morning I skipped the bagel and just went for the raisin bran. I was hungry a lot earlier than I usually am so I will have to see how many calories with the extra snack or two I had, whether to incorporate the bagel back in. LOL

I did switch to the SmartOnes for dinner, so I’ll see how that goes. That should be a no-brainer, I just need to get used to the smaller portions (which is always a good thing).

I still don’t have a scale, so if I actually regain control of myself I guess I will have to be able to feel it in my clothes and see it for now. I guess I wouldn’t be too unhappy if everything worked well and when I finally do get on a scale there was a pretty good size weight loss. LOL