Figuring The WeightWatchers Points In GS Cookies

It’s that time of year again. The Girl Scouts are out in force with their arsenal of cookies. LOL. I never met a Girl Scout cookie I didn’t like, and any Girl Scout troop that I buy from usually loves me.

A couple of years ago when I bought Girl Scout cookies, I went through and figured out the WeightWatchers points per serving for each kind. I then put how many WeightWatchers points per how many cookies on the top of each box. While it didn’t stop me from eating them, I was at least semi-conscious of what I was eating. It really did help. Many times I would choose which cookies based on the numbers on the top of the box. One may have a point or two more, but there would be more cookies per serving. At least it did make me think about what I was putting in my mouth when I was doing it.

That is what is so great about journaling. If you’re truly honest with yourself, it will definitely make a difference if you know you’re going to have to write down everything that goes in your mouth.

Have you given up Girl Scout cookies? I keep thinking once they grow up, I won’t buy anymore, but they just keep coming. LOL.

International Bacon Day

Bacon on the hoof

Bacon on the hoof

Obviously, those of us who have had to restrict what we eat (diet), understand that bacon is not diet-friendly unless you’re only counting carbs. It is however one of America’s best loved foods, and evidently so much so someone has decided it to be worthy of it’s own holiday. Sept. 5th was International Bacon Day! It seems appropriate for kicking off a 3-day holiday weekend. For many of us, the regular weekend is all we need to forget the healthy food we ate for breakfast all week long and chow down on bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, maybe pancakes, etc. There goes a week’s worth of pain for a couple pounds of gain. LOL.

When I was researching bacon for this blog post (I rarely eat it tho I love it) I was actually surprised to see it wasn’t worse than it was calorie-wise. I would like to thank the good people at for all the great information below. Look below the nutritional info for another “fun” site concerning America’s obsession with bacon.

Popular Serving Sizes of Bacon

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)
1 thin slice 2.09 0.07 1.85 27
1 medium slice 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
1 thick slice 5.01 0.17 4.44 65
1 oz 11.70 0.40 10.37 151
1 cup pieces 33.42 1.14 29.63 433

Other Popular Types of Bacon

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)

Canadian Bacon

1 slice 1.94 0.31 5.58 43
1 slice grilled 1.98 0.32 5.70 43
1 oz 2.36 0.38 6.79 52

Cured Bacon

1 medium slice 10.21 0.15 2.63 104
1 thick slice 17.12 0.25 4.41 174
1 oz 12.77 0.19 3.29 130

Cooking Variations (1 slice serving)

Baked Bacon 3.50 0.11 2.89 44
Broiled or Roasted Bacon 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
Microwaved Bacon 2.80 0.08 2.90 38
Pan-Fried Bacon 3.18 0.12 3.03 42

Other Common Suggestions

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)
1 slice Lower Sodium Smoked or Cured Bacon 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
1 tbsp Real Bacon Bits 1.50 3.00 25
1 tsp Bacon Grease 4.28 39
1 oz Bacon Fat 28.21 0.02 255

And now for the fun stuff I was telling you about. To celebrate International Bacon Day, did a photo essay on the “Sixteen Degrees of Craving Bacon”. This is very interesting. Enjoy =)

Weight-Loss Tidbits For Friday-

Just want to make sure everyone saw the recall of 4 weight loss supplements sold by Young You Corp, according to the LA Times. These are known as Slimbionic, One Weight Loss Pill 30, SlimDemand and Botanical Weight Loss. Evidently they were basically only sold on the company’s two websites and in their store in Tarzana, California.

Young You Corp. contained the drug ingredient sibutramine. While the drug is approved by the FDA, it is not supposed to be in over the counter supplements, and it wasn’t listed on the product labels. Of course the Executive Director of the company says he knew nothing about this, that the manufacturer (who is in China) did this all on their own.

In another little noteworthy news item according to the LA Times again, a couple of researchers at the Indiana University have manipulated 2 hormones into one synthetic hormone. One single shot have produced a 25% decrease in body weight and a 42% decrease in fat mass in just one week. I can’t wait until that one hits the market! LOL.

Evidently the magazine OK! is having financial problems. Apparently it’s bad enough that they’re reportedly using a picture of Jessica Simpson taken and used in 2007 as the cover for their August 2009 issue. There probably wouldn’t be much wrong with that except that it’s pretty deceitful, misleading, etc. Oh well, what do I care? I don’t read it, except it’s one more example of untrue media.

On another note, a young dieter from the Wisconsin Weightloss Examiner writes an article about using vinegar in weight loss efforts might work. What I found amusing is that she is quite young and writes about this as if it’s something new. Any of us “old timers” not already know about vinegar and weight loss? I didn’t think so.

I don’t know if anyone remembers hearing about the new discovery of “brown fat” in the body and how it’s supposed to burn calories faster than regular fat, but they have now discovered a way to make the body produce brown fat and are experimenting with that. To me, white fat is ugly, but imagining a big pile of brown fat, yuck! Yet, if it works don’t let me stand in the way of science.

I think that’s enough to think about for a Friday. Can everybody say “Casual Friday”? LOL

So Much For Points or the Scale

I don’t remember how much I’ve written here about our landlord losing our house in foreclosure, but we’re pretty much living day to day in a hotel eating fast food. While at first I relished the fattening hamburgers and used moving as an excuse for exercise, I think I’m reaching my “fill”.

I’m starting to look around for things that are not so “fast food fattening”. Last nite I went to a Long John Silvers  to get fish for dinner and they have a few beautiful platters of salmon, tilapia, etc. just for people who want to eat fast food, but still want to at least seem like they care about what they are eating. They come complete with a small nutritional chart and as I read it over, the dishes would easily fit into someone’s dietary menu. I’ve eaten at Long John’s twice now and have had very good luck with their food, so I would have to figure that these would be tasty also. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to was the sodium, which I just realized, but I generally don’t eat salt on anything so for me it’s probably within reason on occassion.

My scale is packed, so I basically have no idea where I am weight-wise, accept the pants I’m wearing slide a bit and they look like riding pants at the thighs. LOL. I hope that’s a good sign.

Weight Loss Tidbits

With all the news about the Swine Flu Pandemic, it’s hard to find too much about weight loss, but I found a couple of things that I thought may be of interest.

This one is a little scary. I guess now that Alli has been released for sale on the European markets, they’re having a hard time getting pharmacists and chemists to follow the rules.

In the US if you go to purchase a bottle of Alli, they are supposed to check to make sure you are over 18 yrs. old and a BMI of 28 or more. Evidently one reporter doing a story overseas is very tiny and a BMI of 18.4 and had no trouble getting Alli at all. They did not give any of the warnings of the side affects like they are supposed to, and they didn’t warn that a person who isn’t overweight taking Alli could develop eating disorders (that one I didn’t even know about).

Change of subject- I guess Lindsay Lohan seems to be going from uncontrollable drug addict and alcoholic, to anorexic. They say she’s losing all the weight to get the attention of her lesbian lover that recently left her. We all find our own motivation in our own ways. LOL.

And last but not least- I’m sure this is a shocker, carries a statement that neither Winfrey nor Dr. Oz has endorsed the sale of acai products for weight loss or other uses. I wonder how I knew that when I was looking at all those sites. LOL

Have a great day everyone, and stay healthy!

Real Drugs In Weight Loss Products?

If I had known that I probably would have tried a few. Damn! I’m always the last to know. LOL. Just kidding. This is actually sad and very dangerous.

We are all looking for that “Be a SkinnyBitch When You Wake Up Tomorrow” formula. It would be so much easier than having to actually follow the rules and eat right and exercise. This could be life threatening.

I guess late last year the FDA issued a warning about over the counter weight loss products having “unmentioned” prescription drugs in them. At that time there were 28 different brands. Now they have reissued a warning and the number of weight loss products with illegal drugs in them has jumped to 72. I hate to even think what could happen to someone who is already on some kind of medication from their doctor and then take some of this stuff without knowing what it contains. 

What I can’t understand once again, is how is this happening and why can’t the FDA stop it at it’s source? How has it jumped from 28 products a few months ago and 72 products now? Why has it not been all over the news about massive recalls? I hadn’t seen anything about this anywhere, nothing like with the food recalls, yet millions of people are taking these things thinking they’re relatively safe.

To visit the FDA  recall page for weight loss products, just click here. I guess for me it’s back to the veggies and the treadmill. LOL

Girl Scout Cookies vs. WeightWatchers Points

If you have been out of the house at all, you realize this weekend the Girl Scouts of America have broke loose with the Girl Scout cookies. Starting yesterday they are outside of grocery stores and banks across America. Today (Saturday)the BF says they’re everywhere. I’m pretty basically sure he only noticed because I brought home 60 boxes myself last nite.

I had all the good intentions one on a diet can have. I went to a grocery store last nite that has two entrances, one at each end of the store. I was quick to notice the Girl Scouts at one door as I was looking for parking. I was so good. I parked at the other end of the store where there were none (are the Girl Scout groups getting smaller? Why weren’t they covering both doors?). From this store I actually had a really good coupon for Oreo’s. I like those and Chips Ahoy because I can buy the low fat versions. I have to ask myself how do you buy Oreo’s after seeing the Girl Scouts and they only give you one chance once a year?

I did my shopping, comparing prices, checking food labels, all the good stuff. Then I go to check out. Who has the shortest line? The guy by the Girl Scout cookies of course. So I had to go that way, you know.

In this economy even the Girl Scouts of America are in trouble. They had to discontinue (one of my favorites)some flavors, change others, and take 2 cookies out of every box. Pretty sad, aye? So this is how I chose to help stimulate the economy. I bought my cookies plus some for all those people that (are smart enough) don’t buy cookies for whatever their reasons. I knew what I was doing when I did it, and what’s worse is I will probably replenish which ever cookies go first before the Girl Scouts quit selling them.

So how am I going to deal with this dastardly dead? As soon as I brought the box in the kitchen, not the box of cookies like “a box of cookies” the box that held all the boxes of cookies I bought, I pulled out my trusty pointsfinder, a red Sharpie, and put how many cookies I could have for how many points on the top of each box.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

I have learned:

  1. I can only have two of my favorite peanut butter for 3 points (but it’s actually like 4 cookies if you break them apart).
  2. If I eat the “Thin Mints” I can have 1 cookie per point.
  3. Shortbread give the biggest quantity for the least points (5/4)
  4. They screwed me up when they changed the lemon cookie. It is no longer “lower fat”. (3/4)
  5. The “sugar free” chocolate chip is not “a low calorie” food. (3/4)
  6. The new “de leuche” cookie is really bad and I can have 3 cookies for 5 points.

Who am I to gripe? At least with WeightWatchers these aren’t off the list completely because we can eat whatever we want. LOL