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Free Gifts For You

Here we are facing a whole new year in front of us and most of us have great aspirations. There is something in all of us that we would like to change whether it’s losing weight or something inside of us, begging to get out.

I recently got invited to a 4th annual “Self Improvement Giveaway” which is just like it says. It’s many, many products, (e-books, software) given away for free. Many of them are top products that would cost a fortune to buy them all. I would like to share this opportunity with you.

Just go to Self Improvement Giveaway 4 and register. It’s just your name and email, confirm your email address and you’ll get a link to log in. This year they have made it for internet marketers also, so the first couple of pages you see are “One time offers”, but if you’re not interested just scroll to the bottom. There will be a button to say “no thank you” and you’ll move on to the next page. Once you get past the couple of offers, there’s a whole treasure chest of stuff inside. It’s well worth the effort.

If you have never been to one of these online before, if you wish to get a product they will most likely ask for your name and email. You usually have to confirm and they send you a download link. If you start getting newsletters or anything else you don’t like, just “unsubscribe”. It’s that easy. Meanwhile you can pick up some great e-books, music, etc.

I hope you enjoy, but you’ll have to hurry. It’s only open until the 19th of January. If you should actually decide to make a purchase (which is totally not necessary to be part of this) I may make a small commission. By law I have to disclose this, but it’s not why I’m recommending it. I don’t make enough to make me recommend something I don’t believe in. I just think this is a great opportunity.

Self Improvement Giveaway

A Cool New Contest

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

I don’t know how many of you read Our Lady Of Weight Loss over on Beliefnet, but I just love her stuff. She’s just getting ready to release her second book “All Is Forgiven: Move On” and in honor of that she’s got a contest going. You have to answer the question “Which foods do you find irresistable?” and she’ll throw a healthy snack party for you and 25 of your closest friends.

This morning her blog is about building an “affirmation container”, which I get the affirmation thing, getting your subconcious mind to believe something before it actually happens so that your concious mind makes it happen, but I’m not really sure about this “container”. She wasn’t very explicit about if you’re supposed to cut affirmations and put them in the container, glue them to the container or what.  Usually she writes some excellent and humorous tips and tricks about weight loss. If you go to enter her contest, you might spend a couple minutes reading some of her other posts. She’s really a kick.

Into The New Year!



Happy New Year Everybody! Here we go. Hold on tight it might be a bumpy ride!

The pic above is from the “Haz Cheezburger” site which is so cute. I got this in an email and it looks just like one of my cats I call Bear, so I just thought I would share. He definitely would share my champagne if I let him. LOL.

I also received the following from a friend, and I would like to pass it on to all my friends here. ‘God Bless Us Every One’ as the little girl in It’s A Wonderful Life said.  

My Wish for You in 2009

May peace break into your

house and may thieves come

to steal your debts. May the pockets

of your jeans become a magnet of

money. May love stick to your face

like Vaseline and may laughter

assault your lips! May your clothes

smell of success like smoking tires,

and may happiness slap you across

the face and may your tears be that

of joy. May the problems you had,

forget your home address! In simple

words …………

May 2009 be the best year of your


After serious & cautious consideration…..your

contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2009!It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!!


Weigh In A-Ok

It’s 6:00 at nite the second day after Christmas, and right before I started this post I decided at weigh myself and see what the damage was. Not only was there Christmas, but yesterday was my Birthday! I am glad to report I am no worse for the wear. In fact, with all the walking I’ve been doing I may not have only not gained weight for the holidays, but maybe lost a pound or two. I weigh exactly the same in all my winter sweats, at nite, as I did in my light summer clothes when it was so hot and I weighed myself in the morning. I consider that a good thing! LOL.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and good times were had by all. Looking back, between Christmas shopping and my oldest daughter being here and running my tail off all over town, I’ve probably had more exercise than I have in a while. Now I’m getting ready for the new year, a new plan (or the old one that works) and see if I can’t straighten my goofy life out. I really think my weight is just a by-product of the chaos in the rest of my life.  I wrote about taking back control of my life awhile ago. It’s time I put it into action!

Speaking of that, I have put up a page of links to all kinds of free gifts for all my friends here online. Please visit my “Merry Christmas and Happy My Birthday” page. There is all kinds of free stuff at these things, whether you are trying to live off the internet full time, blogging full time, or need a little help in the self improvement department.  There’s a lot of good stuff, some not so good, some you may not care about, but they’re fun to check out and can be very valuable.

I want to thank you all for the enjoyment I’ve received from reading your blogs if you have one, for the encouragement you give me to keep fighting and not give up, and for the friendship I feel even tho we haven’t met face to face “yet”.

Love, Me

Christmas Food Traditions

At our house we’re a pretty traditional type family, which meands we pretty much cook and serve the same things year after year. One reason for this is to keep the tradition, the other is because my mother usually has a fit when we change things. LOL. She very rarely likes what new thing we try, altho my sister has had better luck at this than I have. I guess being the oldest I’m the one who is supposed to carry the family traditions through. LOL.

One of the dishes that was a tradition growing up was a thing called Strawberry Delight. My mother had told us years ago she had lost the recipe, so I haven’t made it in quite awhile, and I’ve missed it. It’s just as light as can be and such a great taste. Yesterday morning I spent a couple of hours hunting down the recipe on the net, but to no avail. While I could remember what didn’t go in it, I could not remember what did.

When my mother woke up I started questioning her, trying to get some information on ingredients and she asked why I didn’t just go get the recipe out of her blue notebook. Ughhh. Of course I make substitutions now since I worry more about my weight than I did growing up, but it’s still a wonderful fruit “salad” to serve with dinner or an excellent dessert after a large meal.

Our version of “Strawberry Delight” (Can be lemon if you prefer)

This makes a 9×13 inch pan and serves 12

My mother used to make this on the holidays and it was so good, but light as air.

The nutritional calculator seems to be off. I don’t know if I edited too many times or what! LOL
30 Minutes to Prepare 


Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened, 2 packages, thawed
1 large package Strawberry Jello prepared with 21/4 cups boiling water,
1 cup sugar (4 Tbsp for crust)
2 cans chilled, evaporated skimmed milk
Graham Crackers, low fat, plain, 48 large rectangular piece
1 cup low fat margerine


Using an 9×13 inch pan it yields 12 servings.
Mix strawberry jello and sugar (save 4 tbsp. for grahm cracker crust) with boiling water. Let cool till syrupy, then whip. Whip chilled canned milk. Whip milk and syrupy jello together, add strawberries and whip them all together.
Roll the 48 graham crackers fine. Add 4 Tbsp. sugar and 1 cup melted butter or margarine. Pack 1/2 mix into pan for a crust. Pour in Strawberry mixture. Sprinkle balance of crumbs evenly on top. Set in refrigerator to harden.

I’ll be posting some XMAS gifts either later today or tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday, which ever one you celebrate!

Holiday Cookies Are Not Diet Friendly!

homemade xmas cookies

homemade xmas cookies

I went to a cookie swap this morning. My first ever! It was a combination cookie swap and charity drive run by our “Neighborhood Association”. They use the Multi Use room at our elementary school here in the neighborhood and there were 4 charities they were collecting for. ‘Tis the season’ you know. They had one charity that collected jackets and coats, one shoes, one clothes of any use etc., and blankets and towels for the local animal shelter. I usually donate most my stuff to “Hope” but kept forgetting to call them for a pick up so this was perfect.

As far as the cookie swap, while I love to bake it seems since I’ve gotten older I don’t have a lot of patience for cookies. If I want to bake cookies I spread all the batter in the bottom of a pan, cook them all at once, and cut them into bars when they’re done. This making 15 trips back and forth to the oven to bake them a dozen at a time, while it may be a way of getting some more steps in, isn’t for me. I bought mine at the grocery store. I’m doing my share to boost the economy. The only problem is they definitely were not low calorie, low carb, or low fat. I’m sure none of the ones I traded for were either. Thank goodness my mother will eat a good portion of them even tho she doesn’t need them any more than I do. This is how it starts.

I’ve made up for the couple of pounds from Thanksgiving, but it’s all the little parties, cookie swaps, etc. that cause the extra pounds between now and New Year’s. I feel sorry for all you people who work in offices as the treats, potlucks, etc. are never ending. I feel sorry for me because working at home I’m not a part of it. LOL.

So I am offering these tips for holiday eating. I broke two of the rules at Thanksgiving already. I love eggnog, tho I do buy lowfat. It has to have some sort of alcohol. See how many of these you can follow. These are not tips we haven’t all heard before, so consider this a gentle reminder.

Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating
When the holidays arrive, many people forget all about their diets and healthy eating. Weight gains of 7 – 10 pounds are common between
Halloween and Christmas. To make the holidays easier, these tips will help you with healthy eating through the season and not gaining weight.
1). Most traditional foods can be made low fat.
Turkey is very lean without the skin, and gravy can be made without any fat. Potatoes that are served without butter can be very healthy. The beloved pumpkin pie is nutritious, although it can be made into a fatty dessert with the adding of whipped cream.

2). Even though the holidays are in, don’t forget
about the exercise.
Keeping weight off during the holiday season is burning off the extra calories. You should plan a walk after meals,
park farther from stores when you shop, and take a few walks around the mall before you begin shopping.

3.)During holiday parties and at family dinners, feel free to sample foods although you shouldn’t splurge. Decide on what you plan to eat in advance, then stick to your plan. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, low fat dressings, and slices of lean meats. Before you go to a party, eat a small snack to help curb your appetite.

4). If at all possible, avoid alcohol. Having too many drinks can cripple your will power, and also add excess calories to your diet. In the
place of alcohol, drink water with lemon. Water can help to limit your appetite and keep you from binging. Also make sure to avoid eggnog,
as each glass can have up to 300 calories.

5). Be flexible with your healthy eating, as one bad
meal won’t ruin your diet.
Try to balance your
calories over a few days and don’t just look at
one meal or day.

It’s So Good To Join…

the world again. I actually started out last week going to a  training for Real Estate Brokers. It was so great to interact again. I had not forgotten as much as I thought. It was so good, I started with a hug from a member services person that I have barely known but has helped me a lot recently. We had talked and played tag so many times when she saw me, a hug was automatic.

That on top of my daughter being here, I am working more on getting out and not being the hermit that it is so easy to become.

I don’t know how many read the “letter to my body”, but it has helped. I find myself making better choices based on “us” getting along better and thinking about how I want to be later on in life, than even counting points, (altho that doesn’t hurt, combining the two).

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. I’m looking forward to the day. The BF is off work, I’m ready to go to church, and I’m feeling happy about Easter dinner. I’m also really happy not to deal with “Easter Baskets” LOL. I have told every one and the only one in my house really disappointed is my mother, who really doesn’t need it, so I will probably go get her candy Monday. This year there will be no extra PeePs, colored speckled eggs, etc. This year, maybe the kids are old enough to finally understand what Easter is all about.