Out of Adversity Comes Better Habits

I’m out of my comfort zone these days and in a lot of ways, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’re in a motel temporarily in between homes which is not might favorite way to live, but I find myself starting over at the basics of some good habits I seemed to have lost.

For one, I am walking again every morning. I’m in an old, familiar neighborhood and it’s been fun to notice the things that have changed since I’ve been away and the things which have not.

The place we’re staying serves a free breakfast 7 days a week, and a free, light dinner 4 nites a week. While some of the things I would not cook for us if I was home, it’s fine when someone else is cooking. LOL. I just don’t eat much of it. The good thing about it is I’m getting back in the habit of eating dinner at a human hour vs. 11 pm. This also has been a help with the weight. Now if I would use this time to my advantage and eat only the things that are good for me, I could probably lose weight pretty steadily, (not that I have a scale to know for sure).

I can see and feel the difference which is a help to my sorrowful self esteem as of late, so that also is a good thing. So my friends, even in adversity there are positives. All we need to do is take notice of them.

Depression & Visceral Fat

Results of a new study came out April 29th of this year announcing their was a correlation between visceral fat and depression. I know my visceral fat depresses me. I wonder how much these idiots got paid for this study. LOL.

To me this is kind of like the “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” question. They studied 409 obese women, half white and half black. Like stress causes cortisol, which causes visceral fat (the bad fat the leads to heart disease, etc) they say that depression does the same thing, except they don’t know how.

Helloooo? Isn’t it possible that these women were fat first, which caused their depression? Or if they were stressed, couldn’t that cause depression and then leading to the visceral fat? For such an “earth shattering” announcement, you would think they could be a lot more informative.

Haven’t we all known depression can lead to emotional eating, which leads to FAT? Isn’t the bottom line pretty much the same? It’s unhealthy which ever kind of fat it is.

In the meantime I’ve reduced my daily calorie count by switching from wine back to vodka. I’ll just have to get my anti-oxidants some other way. LOL.

Real Goals For Weight Loss

I have to admit, I’m probably not the best at setting goals or keeping them. I know that you stand a much better chance of reaching your goals if you put them down in writing. I also know that you have to be very specific on what it is you want and by when. I know that you have to be realistic or your setting yourself up for failure. 

Tom Venuto from BurnTheFat.com tells the story like this. He says when a client would come to him for personal coaching, he would ask them what they wanted. Usually the answer was they wanted to lose 20 pounds really fast. (Of course, don’t we all?). He said he would immediately take out a hacksaw and act like he was going to cut off a leg or an arm, teasing them all the while that he figured one or the other might actually weigh 25 or more. That was his answer to losing weight really fast.

This is how he says goals should be made.

“What do I want? Tom, I want to lose 20 pounds of body fat in the next 12 weeks. I want to do it slowly, safely and healthfully and then keep it off permanently. I want all the fat around my hips and thighs completely gone and I want a firm flat stomach. I want muscle all over my body while still looking feminine. I’d like to see myself at about 16% body fat and maintain all my muscle or gain a few pounds of lean mass if I can, especially in my arms. This is important to me because I want to set a good example for my kids, I want to be healthy and live to at least 90 and I want my husband to look at me and say, “I love your body, honey,” and I want to be able to *honestly* say back to him, “me too!”

Now that’s a pretty defined goal. LOL. He says it’s specific while at the same time having emotional ties to keep motivated in that direction. He goes on to explain that what we’re really looking for is “fat loss” not weight loss because weight loss includes water, muscle mass, etc. He points out that measuring lean muscle mass is much more important to overall body structure than the number on the scale.

So people, are your goals defined or are they kind of “mushy” (vague). Spell them out specifically and you’ve won half the battle. Now get going on making them happen. Good luck!

Self Esteem and Weight

I just wrote a post on my other blog about self esteem issues when you’re living with a passive aggressive, and it occurred to me how much our weight and body image have to do with our self-esteem. So just for today, LOL, I’m going to take the lazy way out and just refer you over there. I hope you enjoy=)

Okay I’m Stress Eating Today

You know I never really considered myself an emotional eater. I found out today that I guess I am. I am always “stressed” to a certain extent, but today I am SUPER STRESSED, and I found that I not only want to eat more and eat more wrong things, but I am “willfully disobedient”. Willfully disobedient to me means that I have thought about the action, I have thought about the consequences,  and I do the action even tho I know better. That’s where I’m at. How do you fight it?

I’m serious. When you think about what you are about to eat, you check out the calories, fat, carbs involved, you tell yourself that you really shouldn’t do it, and then you do it anyway, how do you stop yourself?  This is what I do.

It started out early this morning. I desperately wanted cookies to go in my coffee. Not desperate enough to go get some. I started looking around the kitchen to see what I could have instead. Turned into 2 pieces of diet bread turned into toast with peanut butter and jelly. Didn’t do it. Later the feeling never subsided and I kept telling myself I really needed to eat something more substantial. That didn’t work out either. So I decided to bake a cake.

I took a chocolate cake mix, used eggbeaters for the eggs, added lite cherry pie filling and baked at 350 for 30 minutes according to the box directions. It’s wonderful. I had two “nibbles” not even equalling a whole piece and I’ve been happy ever since.

I didn’t:

go out and indulge myself in bakery goods or sweets where I had no control over the ingredients.

I only ate enough to obviously satisfy me, because I never went back for more.

I feel good because, while I indulged in emotional eating I was still able to control it and not just devestate my self esteem by feeling guilty after I ate.

How do you handle these moments? We all go through them and I am into suggestions. I’ve eaten out of boredom and I recognize that, but this one kind of threw me.

Hypnosis and Weightloss…

is an old remedy to no willpower, but seems to be getting some new attention. I read two blogs this morning, both about how hypnosis retrains our mind, and about how statistically people who have used hypnosis for weightloss have kept the weight off through maintenance vs. those who didn’t use hypnosis. One of the blogs was a health blog, the other belongs to my favorite hypnotist in the whole world, Dr. Dave Hill. This guy is so great and does the funniest hypnosis comedy shows. If you’d like to see the stats on weightloss for yourself, just visit him through the link.

I personally have always loved hypnosis. I even studied for awhile to become a hypnotist. If you can allow yourself to be hypnotised I can see where this would be the easy answer everybody’s looking for when it comes to weightloss. I know just the subliminal tapes I listen to work really well in reprogramming my mind. There’s no drugs involved and it lasts a long time. No more fighting with willpower because you would be doing what your mind is telling you you want to do. I Love it!

If they can get smokers to quit smoking thru hypnosis, why couldn’t you lose weight? I bet you even stand a better chance, because in order for hypnosis to work you have to want to quit smoking, which a lot of smokers don’t they just know they should, but we all want to lose the excess baggage, right?

I just realized, maybe I could get Dr. Hill to

  1. Help me lose weight
  2. Help me love exercise (yuk)
  3. Help me quit smoking

I’m so lucky. I have my favorite, world’s greatest hypnotist right in my own back yard! If you decide to proceed with this idea and you’re not close enough to use him (altho I understand he’s doing phone consultations now) make sure you get someone reputable. Like any other industry, there are the charlatans. Get referrences, etc.

Gee, with so much wrong with me I wonder if Dr. Dave will give me a discount?

I Love Fresh Summer Foods…

It’s so nice this time of year when there are so many good things to choose from! I do my part to buy local (easy with Farmer’s Markets everywhere). I do my part to cut down on …

Sorry, I just got sidetracked by “The View”. I usually just ignore the TV as noise in the background, but this morning was a “Cheesecake Throwdown” where Joy baked her Aunt Rose’s (shouldn’t everyone have an Aunt Rose?) recipe, and Bobby from “The Next Great FoodNetwork Chef” baked his favorite recipe. Oh my gosh, only God himself knows how much I truly love cheesecake, so naturally it caught my attention.  I really need to come up with a good lowfat cheesecake recipe I can put under all these fresh blueberries and strawberries that are in season now!

Anyway, as I was saying. This season helps me wear so many different hats to be the “good girl” for a change. (A little old to be “girl” anything, but you get my drift). I’m environmentally more friendly as I cook more fresh food instead of processed and packaged. I’m a better “dieter” because I find it easier to find so many fresh fresh fruits and veggies to snack on instead of just grabbing something out of the cupboard. I’m doing more for my good health because it’s so easy and doesn’t require a lot of work.

How’s that for a summary of why summer foods are great?!

Just a few other quick tips as reminders.

Don’t forget to journal or track your food. I just read a new study out about how people who track the food they eat actually lose twice the weight of those who don’t just by doing that one thing. (I think we all know that if you’ve dieted for any length of time, but a reminder never hurts).

If you’re looking for motivation, just look around you. It’s easy to see what we don’t want to look like. Just kidding (partly). Really tho, take a look at the message boards on WeightWatchers.com, ediets.com, and SparkPeople.com. They are very encouraging and it does help to be in the middle of a group of people going thru the same struggles we do and know you have company.

That’s about it for the pep talk from me today. Just writing about this has almost given me enough motivation to exercise! LOL