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Self Improvement

Free Gifts For You

Here we are facing a whole new year in front of us and most of us have great aspirations. There is something in all of us that we would like to change whether it’s losing weight or something inside of us, begging to get out.

I recently got invited to a 4th annual “Self Improvement Giveaway” which is just like it says. It’s many, many products, (e-books, software) given away for free. Many of them are top products that would cost a fortune to buy them all. I would like to share this opportunity with you.

Just go to Self Improvement Giveaway 4 and register. It’s just your name and email, confirm your email address and you’ll get a link to log in. This year they have made it for internet marketers also, so the first couple of pages you see are “One time offers”, but if you’re not interested just scroll to the bottom. There will be a button to say “no thank you” and you’ll move on to the next page. Once you get past the couple of offers, there’s a whole treasure chest of stuff inside. It’s well worth the effort.

If you have never been to one of these online before, if you wish to get a product they will most likely ask for your name and email. You usually have to confirm and they send you a download link. If you start getting newsletters or anything else you don’t like, just “unsubscribe”. It’s that easy. Meanwhile you can pick up some great e-books, music, etc.

I hope you enjoy, but you’ll have to hurry. It’s only open until the 19th of January. If you should actually decide to make a purchase (which is totally not necessary to be part of this) I may make a small commission. By law I have to disclose this, but it’s not why I’m recommending it. I don’t make enough to make me recommend something I don’t believe in. I just think this is a great opportunity.

Self Improvement Giveaway

A Cool New Contest

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

I don’t know how many of you read Our Lady Of Weight Loss over on Beliefnet, but I just love her stuff. She’s just getting ready to release her second book “All Is Forgiven: Move On” and in honor of that she’s got a contest going. You have to answer the question “Which foods do you find irresistable?” and she’ll throw a healthy snack party for you and 25 of your closest friends.

This morning her blog is about building an “affirmation container”, which I get the affirmation thing, getting your subconcious mind to believe something before it actually happens so that your concious mind makes it happen, but I’m not really sure about this “container”. She wasn’t very explicit about if you’re supposed to cut affirmations and put them in the container, glue them to the container or what.  Usually she writes some excellent and humorous tips and tricks about weight loss. If you go to enter her contest, you might spend a couple minutes reading some of her other posts. She’s really a kick.

I Love This Weight Loss Time Of Year!

The grocery stores are playing to all the people who have made “losing weight” their New Year’s Resolutions. I am so lucky in the way that the WW meeting is just a couple of blocks down the street and a few of them have been voicetrous enough that the grocery store a block from the WW’s meeting caters to WWs. I don’t know what the grocery stores are like in your neck in the woods, but right now I am stocking up on WW frozen dinners and Smart Balance margarine and oil.

Tonite is also the first of “DietTribe” on Lifetime. I’m anxious to see how this goes. I don’t know what happened to “How To Look Good Naked”. I thought that was a great show, but it was positive instead of tragic, so I guess not enough people watched. Pretty sad, aye? They did so much for women’s “self esteem” instead of just the weight issue. Oh “weight”, maybe they didn’t like it because women felt good about themselves even if they were still heavy. Unfortunately, a lot of us have a hard time telling the difference between “self esteem” and “body image”. I can tell after watching this for the first 10 min. I totally identify with these girls. Their goal is 30 lbs. in 90 days. I personally don’t think that’s unreasonable. 

The one thing about it is they were all a group of friends to start with, so they have the “group” to lose it with. We all know it’s easier with a buddy, this should be a piece of cake, aye? EXCEPT, there’s usually one out of  the five that just can’t get there. I guess we’ll see.

WeightWatchers is bribing me and any one else that will listen to come back. No registration fees so I’m going to go back. I figure I can use all the help I can get! I also joined a gym right around the corner from WW (another bribe, no contract, no big sign up fee) so I’m pretty excited. Let’s see how good I feel about it in March. LOL. 

 Oh, I almost forgot. My first recipe out of the WeightWatchers cookbook was chicken stew with dumplings (6 pts). It was sort of cheating because I already make chicken and dumplings, all I had to do was add the veggies that I usually put on the side. Daughter cooked her favorite casserole, so I didn’t have to cook last night and tonite the BF is cooking. I think everyone’s afraid of the cookbook. LOL

Using Weight Watchers Cookbooks

I have probably over a half dozen WeightWatchers cookbooks starting clear back to the original which I bought when I was 16 ( a whole lot of years ago). When I bought that original book, a lot of the recipes in there were really odd, like cooking cauliflower and blending it for “fake” mashed potatoes. That’s just one memory I can pull off the top of my head, but trust me there were many more. Actually one thing that book did for me was introduce me to a lot of new foods I had never had before and ended up liking. A few years later when my mother was living with me she enjoyed not only some foods she had never had before, but also some dishes using foods she previously didn’t care for. By then I was probably on their 3rd cookbook.

Now WeightWatchers has come so far and while I haven’t kept up with buying every cookbook, I have quite a few. I informed the BF today that I think I’m going to start picking dinners out of one of them every nite. I might as well put them to good use. God knows I paid enough for them (the collection, I mean). So I thought I would take a page out of “365 Days of Crockpotting” and see what I can do. Unlike the crockpot lady, I probably will have “lazy” days where I just cook something I know is ok or whatever, but for the most part I’m looking forward to trying some new food ideas.

They say that one of the dieting downfalls is boredom. Well hell, I get bored with my cooking now! If you could see the collection of recipes and recipe books I have you would wonder how, but I basically always cook the same stuff.  I might as well be one of those “Oh it’s Tuesday we must be having meatloaf” of “Oh it’s Friday we must be having fish” kind of people. (I’m not Catholic but I was raised with the old rules. LOL). I have actually caught myself wishing there was another kind of animal besides just beef, foul, pork or fish.

Parasites and Weight Loss

I ran across something this morning that was quite disturbing to me, not to mention grossed me out a bit. I haven’t decided whether or not I believe it or it’s just another gimmick. I’m still trying to decide, but in the meantime I did find this video quite interesting, and at the same time a little sickening if it’s true. If anyone’s familiar with this please write a comment. I’m not only looking at this because of weightloss, but just for health in general. I’m also curious what your thoughts are. This is not the first time I’ve heard of this which is probably one of the reasons I’m considering it. Please let me know what your thoughts are. (A little long, but interesting).

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