Another New Year Still Fat…

Here we are moving now into 2011, another new year and I’m still fat, which accounts for why this blog has been so neglected. One thing I did accomplish last year that I hope to carry into the new year, is I actually have exercised. I will be moving this year and rebuilding a home, so I already am thinking that will be quite a bit of exercise in itself, but there is a senior center in our new location that is also free to join if you are a resident of the city. Count me in. I really miss my time at the senior center here, but I have been walking 2 miles minimum 3 days a week, plus it’s about a quarter of a mile every time I go visit my mother. Already I am getting more exercise than I’ve had for the last 2 yrs. You would think it would show somewhere. LOL.

I got a new idea for the new year from one of the guru coaches that I follow for New Year’s Resolutions. I thought it was pretty interesting and will be giving it a try. He says to write a paper on 2011 as if it’s already Dec. 31, 2011. Write down all the things you’ve accomplished for the year. This is very close to what another teacher of mine teaches about starting with the end in mind, sort of backward planning. Hey, anything that will help! LOL. I’m tired of carrying around this extra 50 lbs. I’m tired of looking at clothes in a 1 or 2X.

So, I wish you all a Happy New Year and much success as we all try our own thing to bring us to better health and a sexier, new us!

4 Responses

  1. You probably have accomplished something positive with the walking You should have more muscle mass than if you had been inactive.
    I like the idea of backwards planning – good luck.

  2. dressingmyself- Thanks for the encouragement. Good luck to both of us! LOL

  3. Hi, I was just looking for ways to cut out sugar in my diet when I came across your blog. I don’t know if you will ever see this but I wanted to let you know that excercise is going to help you more than anything. I am 55 years old and I started excercising when I was 21 years old and have never stopped. I have done everything you can imagine. Run, walk, high impact aerobics, low impact…exercise is necessary to keep your body balanced with food, and you might like to know that menopause for me was a breeze.

    When you incorporate exercise in your diet and stick to it faithfully you will be able to indulge in more food than you thought possible, meaning good for you food. I love sweet stuff so I have to be careful with chocolate and cakes… šŸ™‚

    I would also like to say that making a New Year’s resolution, i.e. “I’m going to lose weight,” “I’ll start a new diet,” I’ll quit smoking,” whatever it may be, will set you up for failure because you are putting the pressure on yourself to stick with that resolution when all it will do is make you more aware of it. The pressures of dieting will be harder because “you said it” you have to live up to it. Just relax, change you eating habits, walk, run, lift weights and take a lot of deep breaths or drink a lot of water when you feel that craving coming on. Air and water are calorie free. šŸ™‚ I hope you have made progress this year and that this has been (so far) a great year for you.

  4. P.- Thank you so much. I’m afraid I’ve been very neglectful here, but I am starting once again to take a look at my weight and habits. I am getting more exercise now, but of a different nature. Being full time caregiver to my mother and part time caregiver to the lady down the street, I don’t have time to just sit all day long. LOL. I do really miss the Senior Center that I had joined while we were living in Santa Clara, but eventually I’ll join the one here, and then I’ll take advantage of what ever facilities they have. In the meantime, I’ve started tracking what I eat again, which definitely does help. I too need to break the sugar habit, but usually that’s not too hard for me. If I get a craving for something sweet I will usually bake something so I can control the ingredients. I’ve also been tuning into Dr. Oz a little more often. He’s very graphic when he talks about fat, etc. and always seems to have some on hand so you get a really good visual. LOL.

    Thanks for the advice about resolutions. I do understand that, and it’s better to set a ‘goal’. It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones to have liked exercise at a very young age. I have gone in spurts it seems. I used to walk almost religiously, but I keep losing partners and then I just don’t seem to do it anymore. It’s so easy once you skip to just keep putting it off. Now that I have the 2 older ladies that need some exercise, I am starting to walk a little again.

    Good luck to you with your sugar. Cutting out high fructose corn syrup, if you aren’t doing that already, will help quite a bit. It’s amazing how it’s in almost everything! Thank you again so much for your advice and encouragement. I’ll have to come back and read your comment whenever I’m feeling lazy. LOL.

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