Halloween Candy 75% Off- Weight 100% On

Another Halloween has come and gone, and unlike the Christmas retailers who are buying scaled down stock because of the economy, there was leftover chocolate Halloween candy everywhere!

I’m usually pretty good at passing up the candy when it’s for sale prior to Halloween because I think most of the time the prices are ridiculous. After Halloween though is a weak point. When the same big back of bite size candy bars is finally marked down to what is reasonable, I usually have to partake. you know, now that I think about it, I have the same problem at Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Man there are a lot of “candy” holidays!

I also pride myself on the fact that I only have to have 1 piece to be satisfied, and even that isn’t a daily thing, so a big bag will last quite awhile. Not the case with my mother. She has 2 sitting in the freezer at the ready at all times, and the bag is disappearing quickly. Now I remember why I used to hide it in our room or in the bottom of the freezer behind a bunch of stuff.

There’s no reason why we can’t partake in the finer foods of life (chocolate, cheesecake, etc) but like everything we do, we need to be able to stay in control. Planning is a great way to do that, if you know you’re going to be having something you shouldn’t. You can move calories around so that you’re not destroying all your hard work by having something you normally wouldn’t. Another great deterrent and tool is journaling. If you’re totally and brutally honest about writing down everything you stick in your mouth, trust me, you begin to have second thoughts before you have that second piece.

It’s getting into Thanksgiving now and we all need to do some planning in advance. How do you handle the holidays?



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