Back On The Scale At Long Last

This was the mother of all weigh-ins today. LOL. I haven’t had a scale for almost 6 months, but now we moved into a place that had one in the garage, and it seems to work just fine. Especially since I weighed less with all my clothes on than I did the last time I weighed myself necked.  It must be accurate.

Actually now that we’re doing our own cooking and I’m back on fat-free cream cheese, when I use it, and the same for skim milk vs. whole, that alone can make a heck of a difference. We use Shedd Spread instead of butter and the fast food is almost non-existant. Except for pizza, I probably had enough burgers etc. to last me almost a lifetime. It is so nice to have a home cooked meal, knowing that the ingredients are healthy or at least healthier.

Now I need to pick up on a few of the good habits I left behind, like adding flax oil to yogurt for breakfast every day, things like that. It will come. With just moving the budget’s a little tight right now, but it will get better.

If any one else reading this is revisiting the scale for the first time in along time, welcome! We can watch it go DOWN together. LOL

I Was Gonna…Eat Right. LOL.

I was all prepared to come on here tonite and tell you all how well I’ve been doing and how much healthier I’m eating now that we’re cooking for ourselves in our new home. I went out to the kitchen to get something to drink before I started on this, and the significant other has made “Cheeseburger Macaroni” Hamburger Helper for dinner! LOL. God Bless him that he cooked while I’m trying to get “caught up” but good grief…

So, at least it’s 1) homemade so it’s not as bad as the 400 calorie cheeseburgers we’ve been eating since we didn’t have a kitchen 2) I’ve taught him we only by skim milk and country crock margarine so at least whatever he cooks is lower in fat. I usually put dried chili peppers on mine to boost my metabolism, but the downside is I like a piece of bread with peanut butter with it.

I’ll figure out the points and calories tomorrow. Luckily I’m not still eating a bagel with whole fat cream cheese and I’m moving around a lot more so maybe I have a little room to spare.

Sometimes I wish I’d been born beautiful and skinny vs. intelligent and oh yeah, beautiful. lol.