Getting Back on the Weight Loss Track

It’s true. The poorer you are the less you can afford to eat healthy and take care of yourself. Here in Silicon Valley for the last week channel 5 here has been doing a special about living on $4.00 a day for food. The consumer advocate put herself on a budget of $4.00 a day because our unemployment is up over 12% and many, many people are on food stamps. That is their allotment.

One of the first things she noticed was she had to switch from fresh fruit to frozen. The other thing she did was fill up on more starchy food for fullness versus healthier food. I’m not sure I would have agreed with how she shopped. I think I would lay out a menu and buy more bulk foods cheaper when I first got my money than shop day by day as she did. She had a bulk pak of chicken breasts that were a great buy, but because of the way she was shopping she had to put a large portion of it back. She also went to bed hungry one nite because she spent $1.59 one day on a coffee. I guess between shopping in bulk, buying pretty much only the stuff on sale, and clipping a few coupons feeding a family of 5 on $6.00 a day wasn’t too bad. LOL.

Since we’ve been living in a hotel I have been eating full-fat cream cheese on my bagel and whole milk on my cereal because that’s what they serve for breakfast. The other choices are sweet rolls, muffins, crescents, toast, and that sweet, instant oatmeal. I could not eat the bagel but then I’m hungry mid-morning and start looking around for something else to eat. For dinner we either do fast food or something microwavable because there is no stove. TV dinners are neither cheap or non-fat no matter what anyone says, although at least there is Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Smart Ones to choose from. I will be so happy to be back in a full-fledged kitchen where I can buy things on sale and store them, buy fresh fruit and vegetables and have a way to cook them. And oh yeah, I’ll have my scale back. That will really tell the tale. LOL.

I’m starting to wonder if the obesity problem in this country is really poor eating habits etc., as much as it is that more than half of American families live below the poverty level and eat what they can afford.

International Bacon Day

Bacon on the hoof

Bacon on the hoof

Obviously, those of us who have had to restrict what we eat (diet), understand that bacon is not diet-friendly unless you’re only counting carbs. It is however one of America’s best loved foods, and evidently so much so someone has decided it to be worthy of it’s own holiday. Sept. 5th was International Bacon Day! It seems appropriate for kicking off a 3-day holiday weekend. For many of us, the regular weekend is all we need to forget the healthy food we ate for breakfast all week long and chow down on bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, maybe pancakes, etc. There goes a week’s worth of pain for a couple pounds of gain. LOL.

When I was researching bacon for this blog post (I rarely eat it tho I love it) I was actually surprised to see it wasn’t worse than it was calorie-wise. I would like to thank the good people at for all the great information below. Look below the nutritional info for another “fun” site concerning America’s obsession with bacon.

Popular Serving Sizes of Bacon

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)
1 thin slice 2.09 0.07 1.85 27
1 medium slice 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
1 thick slice 5.01 0.17 4.44 65
1 oz 11.70 0.40 10.37 151
1 cup pieces 33.42 1.14 29.63 433

Other Popular Types of Bacon

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)

Canadian Bacon

1 slice 1.94 0.31 5.58 43
1 slice grilled 1.98 0.32 5.70 43
1 oz 2.36 0.38 6.79 52

Cured Bacon

1 medium slice 10.21 0.15 2.63 104
1 thick slice 17.12 0.25 4.41 174
1 oz 12.77 0.19 3.29 130

Cooking Variations (1 slice serving)

Baked Bacon 3.50 0.11 2.89 44
Broiled or Roasted Bacon 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
Microwaved Bacon 2.80 0.08 2.90 38
Pan-Fried Bacon 3.18 0.12 3.03 42

Other Common Suggestions

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g)
1 slice Lower Sodium Smoked or Cured Bacon 3.34 0.11 2.96 43
1 tbsp Real Bacon Bits 1.50 3.00 25
1 tsp Bacon Grease 4.28 39
1 oz Bacon Fat 28.21 0.02 255

And now for the fun stuff I was telling you about. To celebrate International Bacon Day, did a photo essay on the “Sixteen Degrees of Craving Bacon”. This is very interesting. Enjoy =)