Weight-Loss Tidbits For Friday-

Just want to make sure everyone saw the recall of 4 weight loss supplements sold by Young You Corp, according to the LA Times. These are known as Slimbionic, One Weight Loss Pill 30, SlimDemand and Botanical Weight Loss. Evidently they were basically only sold on the company’s two websites and in their store in Tarzana, California.

Young You Corp. contained the drug ingredient sibutramine. While the drug is approved by the FDA, it is not supposed to be in over the counter supplements, and it wasn’t listed on the product labels. Of course the Executive Director of the company says he knew nothing about this, that the manufacturer (who is in China) did this all on their own.

In another little noteworthy news item according to the LA Times again, a couple of researchers at the Indiana University have manipulated 2 hormones into one synthetic hormone. One single shot have produced a 25% decrease in body weight and a 42% decrease in fat mass in just one week. I can’t wait until that one hits the market! LOL.

Evidently the magazine OK! is having financial problems. Apparently it’s bad enough that they’re reportedly using a picture of Jessica Simpson taken and used in 2007 as the cover for their August 2009 issue. There probably wouldn’t be much wrong with that except that it’s pretty deceitful, misleading, etc. Oh well, what do I care? I don’t read it, except it’s one more example of untrue media.

On another note, a young dieter from the Wisconsin Weightloss Examiner writes an article about using vinegar in weight loss efforts might work. What I found amusing is that she is quite young and writes about this as if it’s something new. Any of us “old timers” not already know about vinegar and weight loss? I didn’t think so.

I don’t know if anyone remembers hearing about the new discovery of “brown fat” in the body and how it’s supposed to burn calories faster than regular fat, but they have now discovered a way to make the body produce brown fat and are experimenting with that. To me, white fat is ugly, but imagining a big pile of brown fat, yuck! Yet, if it works don’t let me stand in the way of science.

I think that’s enough to think about for a Friday. Can everybody say “Casual Friday”? LOL


2 Responses

  1. This is great info. Thanks for the heads up in all this stuff.

  2. SHE-FIT- Thanks for stopping by. Great pic of you two.
    I stopped by your blog. Thanks for the great review on FiberOne yogurt (and the pie recipe. lol)

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