Life Without The Scale…

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been living the last couple of months without a bathroom scale. My curiosity is killing me. I’m to the point that when I take my laundry into be done, maybe I’ll just jump on the scale they have for weighing my clothes to see if I’ve gained or lost. (I’m pretty sure without my own kitchen either, it’s probably a gain).

For me, the scale and I have never been “friends” but it did help me at least keep track of things. While it didn’t stop me from gaining the 50 pounds I did, it did help prevent me from getting worse. I just refused to go over that 200 lbs. marker. LOL. I know some advocate only weighing yourself once a week, and others say to throw the scale away, that your body image etc. shouldn’t be tied to that, but alas, I cannot let go.

Due to being out of my house for the last month and a half I’ve been eating my share of fastfood. This is not normally my choice. Up until recently I hadn’t had a fastfood burger in months. I usually think about something, decide I can make it cheaper and healthier at home, and pass it by.

I have picked up some good habits though which is why I’m so curious about the number on the scale. I now eat breakfast every morning about 8:30. Before I would be working and lucky if I had a piece of toast before noon. I know that’s not good for the metabolism.

The other good thing that’s happened is I’m not drinking nearly as much. I may have one or two in the evening or maybe not. Compared to the 5 glasses of wine I was putting down every nite, that’s a 500 calorie drop right there. So I’m hoping that has helped balance out the calories from the fastfood. (Who am I trying to kid, right?) But I’m getting tired of burgers, etc. and have been expanding into TV dinners that are microwavable. Now, if I just start buying nothing but SmartOnes and Lean Cuisine, I could conceivably start losing. This all could turn out to be a good thing after all. LOL.

Exercise? My oldest daughter reminded me the Aids Walk is only a month away. If this tells you how good I’ve been doing on my walking, I tried to talk my way out of it. She wasn’t having any. I guess I better get on it. At least being right downtown, they’re long blocks to walk around.


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