So Much For Points or the Scale

I don’t remember how much I’ve written here about our landlord losing our house in foreclosure, but we’re pretty much living day to day in a hotel eating fast food. While at first I relished the fattening hamburgers and used moving as an excuse for exercise, I think I’m reaching my “fill”.

I’m starting to look around for things that are not so “fast food fattening”. Last nite I went to a Long John Silvers  to get fish for dinner and they have a few beautiful platters of salmon, tilapia, etc. just for people who want to eat fast food, but still want to at least seem like they care about what they are eating. They come complete with a small nutritional chart and as I read it over, the dishes would easily fit into someone’s dietary menu. I’ve eaten at Long John’s twice now and have had very good luck with their food, so I would have to figure that these would be tasty also. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to was the sodium, which I just realized, but I generally don’t eat salt on anything so for me it’s probably within reason on occassion.

My scale is packed, so I basically have no idea where I am weight-wise, accept the pants I’m wearing slide a bit and they look like riding pants at the thighs. LOL. I hope that’s a good sign.


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