Life Without The Scale…

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been living the last couple of months without a bathroom scale. My curiosity is killing me. I’m to the point that when I take my laundry into be done, maybe I’ll just jump on the scale they have for weighing my clothes to see if I’ve gained or lost. (I’m pretty sure without my own kitchen either, it’s probably a gain).

For me, the scale and I have never been “friends” but it did help me at least keep track of things. While it didn’t stop me from gaining the 50 pounds I did, it did help prevent me from getting worse. I just refused to go over that 200 lbs. marker. LOL. I know some advocate only weighing yourself once a week, and others say to throw the scale away, that your body image etc. shouldn’t be tied to that, but alas, I cannot let go.

Due to being out of my house for the last month and a half I’ve been eating my share of fastfood. This is not normally my choice. Up until recently I hadn’t had a fastfood burger in months. I usually think about something, decide I can make it cheaper and healthier at home, and pass it by.

I have picked up some good habits though which is why I’m so curious about the number on the scale. I now eat breakfast every morning about 8:30. Before I would be working and lucky if I had a piece of toast before noon. I know that’s not good for the metabolism.

The other good thing that’s happened is I’m not drinking nearly as much. I may have one or two in the evening or maybe not. Compared to the 5 glasses of wine I was putting down every nite, that’s a 500 calorie drop right there. So I’m hoping that has helped balance out the calories from the fastfood. (Who am I trying to kid, right?) But I’m getting tired of burgers, etc. and have been expanding into TV dinners that are microwavable. Now, if I just start buying nothing but SmartOnes and Lean Cuisine, I could conceivably start losing. This all could turn out to be a good thing after all. LOL.

Exercise? My oldest daughter reminded me the Aids Walk is only a month away. If this tells you how good I’ve been doing on my walking, I tried to talk my way out of it. She wasn’t having any. I guess I better get on it. At least being right downtown, they’re long blocks to walk around.

The Importance of Walking

I received this in my email and since diet and exercise go hand in hand, I thought I would share. LOL.

Importance of Walking

Walking 20 minutes can add to your life.
>  This enables you at 85 years old
>  to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing
>  home at $7000 per month.
>  My grandpa started walking
>  five miles a day when he was 60..
>  Now he’s 97 years old
>  and we don’t know where he is.
>  I like long walks,
>  especially when they are taken
>  by people who annoy me.
>  The only reason I would take up walking
>  is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.
>  I have to walk early in the morning,
>  before my brain figures out what I’m doing..
>  I joined a health club last year,
>  spent about 400 bucks.
>  Haven’t lost a pound.
>  Apparently you have to go there.
>  Every time I hear the dirty word ‘exercise’,
>  I wash my mouth out with chocolate.
>  I do have flabby thighs,
>  but fortunately my stomach covers them.
>  The advantage of exercising every day
>  is so when you die, they’ll say,
>  ‘Well, he looks good doesn’t he.’
>  If you are going to try cross-country skiing,
>  start with a small country.
>  I know I got a lot of exercise
>  the last few years,……
>  just getting over the hill.
>  We all get heavier as we get older,
>  because there’s a lot more information in our heads.
>  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
>  AND
>  Every time I start thinking too much
>  about how I look,
>  I just find a Happy Hour
>  and by the time I leave,
>  I look just fine.
>  You could run this over to your friends
>  But just e-mail it to them!

Am I My Mother?

My mother is 78 yrs. old and her favorite forms of exercise are eating and watching TV. She gave up on herself years ago, has gone through some pretty unhealthy times, and is ready to go home to the Lord anytime he’s willing to take her. Like me she has no desire to exercise, although at least I realize some movement is necessary. If she had her way she would never move at all. I quit taking her in her meals etc. as going to the kitchen was the only exercise she got. It wasn’t far from her chair to the kitchen, but she made the trip several times so at least she was doing something.

We’ve been staying in a hotel recently and the ice machine and dining area are both quite a little distance away. We walk over to the dining area every morning for breakfast, me walking slightly ahead leading the way, her in her walker. She quit putting ice in her water. Too far to walk. Finally yesterday I saw her heading for ice and followed behind her. She did just fine. Coming back however, knowing I was there, she’d pause for a moment and then made a point of letting me know her legs get tired. I don’t know why after all these years she hasn’t gotten it that something like that is just an invitation for me to tell her she needs to move more.

All my life my mother has said she didn’t want to be like my grandmother, who used to sit by the broadband radio listening to police calls all the time, rarely venturing out of her apartment. Now she admits that although she said that, she has actually gotten worse than her mother was. Now as I look at my mother I find myself thinking the same thing. I don’t want to be like her, lazy, fat, no life. I want to “live ’till I die”.

I either fractured my back or tore some muscles in it when we were moving. Oh my gosh, such pain. It’s starting to feel much better after almost 2 weeks, but I realize the most painful time is when I get up out of bed. While I realize many of us get stiff as we get older, making the onset of movement a bit painful, I don’t think that is the problem I’m having. The problem I’m having is the extra weight in my tummy pulling on my back as I lay on my side to sleep.

I’ve heard it said of men that have large stomachs when they see a doctor about lower back pain. Many are told most of the pain would go away if they just lost their tummies. I have no reason to think my tummy is any different. So, while I have always said that I wanted to be a “sexy” senior, for health concerns hitting home it’s about time I decided if I want to be like my mother and miserable, or more like a ‘cougar’, you know, one of those older women that look so good and are so active they go with younger men just to have someone who can keep up. LOL. I think right now I’m heading in the wrong direction.

So Much For Points or the Scale

I don’t remember how much I’ve written here about our landlord losing our house in foreclosure, but we’re pretty much living day to day in a hotel eating fast food. While at first I relished the fattening hamburgers and used moving as an excuse for exercise, I think I’m reaching my “fill”.

I’m starting to look around for things that are not so “fast food fattening”. Last nite I went to a Long John Silvers  to get fish for dinner and they have a few beautiful platters of salmon, tilapia, etc. just for people who want to eat fast food, but still want to at least seem like they care about what they are eating. They come complete with a small nutritional chart and as I read it over, the dishes would easily fit into someone’s dietary menu. I’ve eaten at Long John’s twice now and have had very good luck with their food, so I would have to figure that these would be tasty also. The one thing I didn’t pay attention to was the sodium, which I just realized, but I generally don’t eat salt on anything so for me it’s probably within reason on occassion.

My scale is packed, so I basically have no idea where I am weight-wise, accept the pants I’m wearing slide a bit and they look like riding pants at the thighs. LOL. I hope that’s a good sign.