A Reality Check

I went to lunch with a very dear friend of mine yesterday. He’s great because even though he talks way to much, he’s encouraging to me and interested in how I’m doing as well as letting me know how he’s doing. When I’m down I can call him and even when he’s complaing he’s full of energy, enthusiasm, and very uplifting.

For lunch I had a chinese chicken salad with the dressing on the side, and a piece of flatbread ( the new rage). Whenever I eat with him he takes 1/2 of what ever it is he ordered home with him. This has taught me to do the same even tho I have known for a long time that particular diet trick. I just never could bring myself to actually do it.

Yesterday after lunch he tricked me. He knew I had to run by Target to get a couple of things and he said he needed to also, so could we go together. The next thing I know, we are walking to and from Target. Not what I had intended. I had told him last month I was going to be walking, etc. to train to walk the Aids walk with my oldest daughter this year. I suppose he thought he was helping my train.

He forgets that altho I’ve been more active lately, I’ve been pretty sedentary for 2 yrs. He goes to the gym every day or nite, which ever the case may be. Needless to say that although he’s fairly short in stature, I trailed behind him most of the way. Reality lesson? I’ve got a lot to do before the walk in July. LOL

Out of Adversity Comes Better Habits

I’m out of my comfort zone these days and in a lot of ways, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’re in a motel temporarily in between homes which is not might favorite way to live, but I find myself starting over at the basics of some good habits I seemed to have lost.

For one, I am walking again every morning. I’m in an old, familiar neighborhood and it’s been fun to notice the things that have changed since I’ve been away and the things which have not.

The place we’re staying serves a free breakfast 7 days a week, and a free, light dinner 4 nites a week. While some of the things I would not cook for us if I was home, it’s fine when someone else is cooking. LOL. I just don’t eat much of it. The good thing about it is I’m getting back in the habit of eating dinner at a human hour vs. 11 pm. This also has been a help with the weight. Now if I would use this time to my advantage and eat only the things that are good for me, I could probably lose weight pretty steadily, (not that I have a scale to know for sure).

I can see and feel the difference which is a help to my sorrowful self esteem as of late, so that also is a good thing. So my friends, even in adversity there are positives. All we need to do is take notice of them.

The Moving, Like “Moving Out Of My House” Is Working

Hey everyone,

I told you already how switching from wine to vodka has already worked to lose 5 lbs., but now I am getting my exercise by moving out of my house. I am getting strength training, short interval walking, and I’m sure there’s more, all at the same time. I’m pretty brain dead tonite, but I’ll write more later when I’m fresh, like in the morning.

Hope you all are losing your “other half”. Summer is definitely almost here if the recent weather is any indication. LOL

The Vodka’s Working!

Vodka Dog

Vodka Dog

I don’t know if you read the post where I said I was switching back to vodka from wine and cutting my calories by more than half, but it’s working. Between that and all the moving I’ve been doing getting ready to move, I’ve dropped over 5lbs. in the last week.

Just goes to show the old adage about “diet and exercise” is true. LOL.

Depression & Visceral Fat

Results of a new study came out April 29th of this year announcing their was a correlation between visceral fat and depression. I know my visceral fat depresses me. I wonder how much these idiots got paid for this study. LOL.

To me this is kind of like the “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” question. They studied 409 obese women, half white and half black. Like stress causes cortisol, which causes visceral fat (the bad fat the leads to heart disease, etc) they say that depression does the same thing, except they don’t know how.

Helloooo? Isn’t it possible that these women were fat first, which caused their depression? Or if they were stressed, couldn’t that cause depression and then leading to the visceral fat? For such an “earth shattering” announcement, you would think they could be a lot more informative.

Haven’t we all known depression can lead to emotional eating, which leads to FAT? Isn’t the bottom line pretty much the same? It’s unhealthy which ever kind of fat it is.

In the meantime I’ve reduced my daily calorie count by switching from wine back to vodka. I’ll just have to get my anti-oxidants some other way. LOL.