Weight Loss Tidbits

With all the news about the Swine Flu Pandemic, it’s hard to find too much about weight loss, but I found a couple of things that I thought may be of interest.

This one is a little scary. I guess now that Alli has been released for sale on the European markets, they’re having a hard time getting pharmacists and chemists to follow the rules.

In the US if you go to purchase a bottle of Alli, they are supposed to check to make sure you are over 18 yrs. old and a BMI of 28 or more. Evidently one reporter doing a story overseas is very tiny and a BMI of 18.4 and had no trouble getting Alli at all. They did not give any of the warnings of the side affects like they are supposed to, and they didn’t warn that a person who isn’t overweight taking Alli could develop eating disorders (that one I didn’t even know about).

Change of subject- I guess Lindsay Lohan seems to be going from uncontrollable drug addict and alcoholic, to anorexic. They say she’s losing all the weight to get the attention of her lesbian lover that recently left her. We all find our own motivation in our own ways. LOL.

And last but not least- I’m sure this is a shocker, Oprah.com carries a statement that neither Winfrey nor Dr. Oz has endorsed the sale of acai products for weight loss or other uses. I wonder how I knew that when I was looking at all those sites. LOL

Have a great day everyone, and stay healthy!

A New One On Fat People

What else can they blame us for?

Yesterday on the news they came out with a report that fat people are the reason for global warming. Of course we didn’t do it all by ourselves, but we’re a big part of it.

According to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, fat people cause more greenhouse gases because we eat more food and drive more. Now they’re hoping if you don’t care enough about yourself to lose weight, you might care more about what you’re doing to the environment.

One of the things they state is that it takes more energy to move heavier people. (I don’t think I needed a study to tell me that one).

The population with 40 percent obese people requires 19 percent more food energy for its total energy expenditure than the population with 3.5 percent obese people, the figure from when we were a much more active society 30 years ago. This 19 percent increase in food consumption translates into an increase of 270 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the study said.

That’s quite a bit! What I want to know is how they even measure that?

According to a study done back in 1978 (which I can’t remember hearing anything about) a year the United States experienced an oil shock, a study in the American Journal of Public Health showed that if all overweight people in the country aged 18 to 79 reached their optimal weight, the resulting energy savings would equal 1.3 billion gallons of gasoline.

After the dieting period, about 750 million gallons of gasoline would be saved every year, said the authors, Bruce Hannon, professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Timothy Lohman, now professor emeritus at the University of Arizona.

So supposedly the answer to our warming globe and our dependence on foreign oil, is just for everyone to go on a diet. I can’t wait to see the environmentalists spin on this one.

A New Motivation

Aids Walk SF

Aids Walk SF

I feel sorry for Denver as I watch the news last nite. The shot was of cars during rush hour not moving because of a blizzard. I’m sure glad that storm wasn’t that bad when it hit us last week. All we got was some rain and in some places some hale. They were literally getting snowed in where they sat on the freeway.

Here in California the weather is heating up and the sun is shining. The temps have been in the 70’s and heading higher, according to the 7 day forecast. With the sunny days come the farmer’s markets, the art and wine festivals and a whole slue of out door activities.

For me it’s a reminder that the Aids walk isn’t too far off. Last year  I decided at the last minute to keep my daughter company as she walked, and it just about killed me! It’s a 10k (or 6 mile) walk and for some reason I thought I could do it without having been hardly off my butt in a year. LOL

This year I’m going to be ready for her. Almost every year she’s looking for someone to walk with her. This year I’m going to get my butt in the gym and be ready when July rolls around again. At the same time I’m testing the theory that if you sign up for something like this it helps to get you and keep you motivated. I’ll let you know if it works.

Get It And Get Going!

At least that’s what they tell me. Anyone who has read much of this blog knows I am not big on exercise. Yes I’m still paying for the gym,but got so frustrated from too many people, I might as well be flushing $20 down the toilet every month. I don’t quit because I am going to give it another chance. I have a friend that’s pretty fanatical about hitting the gym every day and I’m hoping it is rubbing off on me. He has gotten me to eat only half of whatever I have to eat when we’re out and take the rest home, so who knows? I’ve known that diet tip for a long time but wasn’t very good at practice, but I am actually doing it even when I’m not dining with him, so it’s working.

I don’t know where I’ve been when it comes to all the new gadgets for fitness buffs, but evidently not on the cutting edge. While looking on some of my favorite message boards this morning I learned about all kinds of new exercise gadgets that measure everything from your sleep patterns to how intense you exercise, (or not), to how many calories you burn during and after. All from a wrist band. Pretty exciting.

Go Wear FitFirst up is Go Wear Fit- According to their website

Simply wear the GoWear fit armband during the course of your day, then log onto your personalized GoWear fit online activity manager. You’ll get accurate, easy-to-digest information about the calories you’ve burned, plus a calorie consumption calculator and tips for how to best reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

GoWear fit also measures sleep duration and efficiency – so that you can begin to understand the influence your bedtime has on your overall health.

They say it is not- a heart monitor or a pedometer. It’s not cheap either. For the armband, display, and a 12 month subscription it’s $249.90 You save $116 by buying the package.

Polar F-55

Polar F-55

This is a very popular heart rate monitor. According to their website

Polar has launched a new line of training computers for the general fitness and cross-training market aimed at encouraging people to listen to their bodies to get the most from their workouts. Monitoring the heart rate is the best way to tell how effective training is on a person’s health and fitness. This new line of fitness products provides feedback and guidance for more effective training in fewer hours.

They too are working on being able to upload to a site to graph your progress, etc. They range in price from $59.95 for measuring walking intensity and pace, to $399.95 for athletes and coaches. They even have heart monitors for people measuring activity after heart surgery or heart attacks.

Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner

The Garmin Forerunner also has a chest strap for more accurate readings (it says). I’m not sure how I would feel about wearing a chest strap while I ran altho they did say they’ve made it “more comfortable”. According to their website

The Forerunner 305 includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver, new courses feature and robust wireless heart rate monitor for optimal performance. Garmin’s web-based application that provides in-depth analysis of your workouts, online mapping and route sharing that will take your training to the next level.

If training indoors it says you need an extra assessorie that attaches to your shoe. As far as price goes, I saw one gadget for $99.00, but when looking at their current promotions one deal was up to $4000.00 rebate if you bought one of the packages. Anything offering this kind of money back has to cost a fortune to start with.

I found it really interesting as to what all these things could do and how much fun and beneficial it could be to use the information they provide. For me personally I think I will wait until I’m actually taking more of an interest in my own exercise, like doing some, before I’m going to invest. $20 a month to do nothing is more than enough. LOL

No Little Kids At Easter

made it a lot easier on the diet this year.  Of course along with that is the lack of gaiety while hunting for Easter baskets and Easter eggs. No coloring the eggs the night before. No lots of hard boiled eggs afterward. No sitting around while the kids gorge themselves with chocolate. I’m not really sure it’s worth the trade. =(

Don’t get me wrong. It was a very nice day with the usual church service and holiday dinner of ham and mashed potatoes. It just seems so quiet after the hustle and bustle of coloring eggs every year and filling Easter baskets until 2 am.  Is this part of what they call “Empty Nest Syndrome?” LOL.

Getting Older,Gaining Weight, Syndrome W

Like we don’t have enough to worry about with our butts and boobs sagging, now some genius doctor has discovered Syndrome W which affects older women. This isn’t my problem as I’m the way I am from lack of exercise, etc. but it is a problem.

I originally read about this over at Between Us Girls  and decided to do a little more research. Evidently the symptoms are:

  1. Gaining weight for no apparent reason while you are still physically active
  2. Gaining weight around your waist instead of gaining all over as would be the normal way people gain
  3. Blood Pressure creeping up
  4. Bad cholesterol creeping up
  5. fatigue (which I just figures comes with weight gain)
  6. Elevated insulin levels even tho blood glucose levels were normal

The study Dr. Harriet Mogul coined as Syndrome W which stands for “waist gain” showed that many women suffer from insulin resistance despite being fit, non-smoking, and basically thin for most their lives.

According to Health Discovery.com when glucose is  locked out of resistant cells, it has nowhere to go and starts building up in the bloodstream. The pancreas releases yet more insulin to try to compensate, and for a while, that works to force glucose through the cell doors.

An insulin resistant person can maintain normal blood glucose levels, although doing so may require insulin levels as much as 40 percent above normal. And as Stanford’s Dr. Reaven has publicized, excess insulin alone can cause significant cardiovascular damage.

What’s more, in at least a portion of the estimated 60 million to 80 million Americans who are currently insulin resistant, the pancreas will eventually lose its battle and glucose levels will begin creeping upward.

Untreated, 10 percent of those who started out as simply insulin resistant are likely to progress to full-blown diabetes, according to Dr. Reaven. But only then will most people realize they have a problem. Insulin resistance has been called a “silent killer,” because it is symptomless, or so it was thought.

One of the most obvious symptoms of this disease is the “apple shape” some of us women take on. Dr. Mogul’s plan is a low-carbohydrate, low glycemic diet and a drug called metformin that counteracts insulin resistance. Evidently they’ve had great success in staving off full blown diabetes in the patients that follow the plan.

For more information,(I’ve sort of simplified it here) visit Dr. Mogul’s website. She has some great info, a food pyramid, and a FAQ. She’s also written a book you may find helpful.

Real Goals For Weight Loss

I have to admit, I’m probably not the best at setting goals or keeping them. I know that you stand a much better chance of reaching your goals if you put them down in writing. I also know that you have to be very specific on what it is you want and by when. I know that you have to be realistic or your setting yourself up for failure. 

Tom Venuto from BurnTheFat.com tells the story like this. He says when a client would come to him for personal coaching, he would ask them what they wanted. Usually the answer was they wanted to lose 20 pounds really fast. (Of course, don’t we all?). He said he would immediately take out a hacksaw and act like he was going to cut off a leg or an arm, teasing them all the while that he figured one or the other might actually weigh 25 or more. That was his answer to losing weight really fast.

This is how he says goals should be made.

“What do I want? Tom, I want to lose 20 pounds of body fat in the next 12 weeks. I want to do it slowly, safely and healthfully and then keep it off permanently. I want all the fat around my hips and thighs completely gone and I want a firm flat stomach. I want muscle all over my body while still looking feminine. I’d like to see myself at about 16% body fat and maintain all my muscle or gain a few pounds of lean mass if I can, especially in my arms. This is important to me because I want to set a good example for my kids, I want to be healthy and live to at least 90 and I want my husband to look at me and say, “I love your body, honey,” and I want to be able to *honestly* say back to him, “me too!”

Now that’s a pretty defined goal. LOL. He says it’s specific while at the same time having emotional ties to keep motivated in that direction. He goes on to explain that what we’re really looking for is “fat loss” not weight loss because weight loss includes water, muscle mass, etc. He points out that measuring lean muscle mass is much more important to overall body structure than the number on the scale.

So people, are your goals defined or are they kind of “mushy” (vague). Spell them out specifically and you’ve won half the battle. Now get going on making them happen. Good luck!