Random Weight Loss Thoughts

WeightWatchers free registration ends today. If I rejoin will I go or will it be something else I pay for every month and don’t use? If I go to the meetings will I go ahead and go around the corner to the gym? (which I haven’t been using because I couldn’t get to the equipment I wanted when I wanted).

I read all the time about how dangerous it is to gain weight around the middle of your body, which is where I’ve gained most of mine. Now they say that a “fat neck” is an indicator also. The magic number for a man is a neck size of approx. 16 inches and 13 for a woman. Mine is 15 which leads to the question of “Where does my double chin end and my neck begin?”

In light of this new reseach are they going to be coming out with a “throat band” to keep you from swallowing too much food?

Why do I have 3 pedometers and I can’t get any of them to work right? I’ve changed batteries. I even have two that talk, but I don’t think they’re supposed to credit you with 5 steps every time you go to the bathroom for pulling down your pants, sitting down, and then pulling them back up. If I drink enough water, I wouldn’t have to walk hardly anywhere.

Could I really lose weight by eating waffles covered in melted chocolate chips? (The Mediteranian diet)

Happy Saturday everyone. Off to join WW and go to the gym. LOL.

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  1. I think it is a great idea for situations where weight loss is a necessity. Any motivation can help if people are obese and need to lose weight in the face of weight-related illnesses.

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