Wednesday Weight Loss Tidbits

On Thursday. I actually gathered this stuff yesterday. I don’t know why it never made it this far, but it didn’t. I thought some of it was interesting enough to share so here it is today.

Did you know?

Research shows LAP band surgery is a cheaper way to fight obesity and diabetes than diets, exercise and other weight-loss methods Tracking 60 obese patients for two years, the study found the lifetime health care costs of gastric banding was $98,900, compared with $101,400 losing weight through conventional methods. Now I don’t know if that included the $6000 to get it done or not, but for the $2500 difference I think I’ll do it the good old fashioned way.

In addition to prevention of diabetes, decreased urinary incontinence may be an additional benefit of weight loss. I know even skinny ladies that wet themselves a little when they sneeze, cough, laugh to hard. I guess they have to figure out their own way to stop. I just need to lose weight. I wonder if this works for stress incontinence too?

The American College of Sports Medicine has release new guidelines for adult exercise. The average adult should get between 150 and 250 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. So what’s that, 2 and a half to 4 hours a week? This exercise should burn between 1200 and 2000 calories per week. This level of exercise, coupled with a reasonable diet, will prevent unwanted weight gain. A greater volume of exercise or more intense exercise will lead to greater weight loss. Duh? Therefore, there is a “dose-response” effect for exercise. Activity levels of less than 150 minutes per week will result in minimal, if any, weight loss. Exercising more than 150 minutes per week will result in mild, 2-3 kg weight loss. Activity of 225 to 400 minutes per week (4 to 6 hrs) will result in 5 th 7.5 kg weight loss. An average of 200 to 300 minutes of exercise per week is needed to maintain weight loss, but more is better when trying to prevent weight re-gain. I don’t know how much a kg is equal to in pounds, but obviously I want less of them.  To me this is a pretty disappointing picture and not very complete, as I do know some exercises are more beneficial than others for less amount of time.

I read an article on dieting that finished with  “make dieting fun” yesterday. I can see making exercise “fun”. Go out and play like you did as a kid at recess, get an exercise buddy, play things you liked to play as a kid (when age isn’t a problem. LOL) but dieting? I don’t see any way to make that fun. As close as I get is trying a new recipe and to me even that’s work. I’m open to suggestions here if any one has any.

We all know beans are a great addition to any diet. They add fiber so they’re filling, loaded with good stuff, usually hardly any fat, etc. Did you know that there is an enormous amount of people who don’t eat beans just because of the “fart factor“?  I have always known they can cause gas, but I never really thought that much about it. Beans contain a sugar called oligosaccharide and we lack the enzyme required to break the sugar down. When the sugar arrives in your lower intestinal tract intact, it ferments, creating a buildup of gas. The gas isn’t absorbed into the intestine, so the body expels it. I had heard once that if you cook a potato with your beans that it absorbs the gas. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but this article says if you soak your beans, the sugar slowly leaches out. It says to change the soaking water a few times to keep the sugar from being reabsorbed. You just need to be sure and rinse them and then rinse them again. It says to rinse after cooking also, but I use that water as the base for my beans because I’ve usually thrown onion and/or garlic into cook with them, so I think I’ll skip that part. I have heard that product “Beano” was pretty good. Anybody try it?

And last but not least, until yesterday I would have said YoChee? WTH? I guess it’s the next big thing coming down the pike for weight loss edge. You take nonfat, plain yogurt and drain it through a cheesecloth or coffee filter for 8-24 hours. Once it’s completely drained of all it’s liquid you can spread it and use it to replace cream cheese, mayo, butter, etc. It’s also supposed to be good for cooking etc. in place of cream. It makes smoother, creamier, whatever. The website is and it’s pretty cool. Has recipes and tells what it is and how to use it. I may actually give this a try. It’s good for up to a week in the frig. I can’t remember if they tell you on the site that you can use cheesecloth or a coffee filter because they have drainers for sale. I picked that up in another article.

Sorry this is so long. I just had so much to share. Anybody else?

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  1. Wow yochee? Im going to have to try that out…Thanks🙂!

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