How Many Weight Watchers Blogs Are There?


This morning I was doing some research about exercise, calorie intake, and plateaus. I was looking for an old blog where the writer had been on Weight Watchers and done really well. One of her last posts was some advice she had gotten from a fitness trainer and I thought it was excellent. It  explained how even tho we exercise more, we don’t seem to lose any weight. I was really sorry when she quit blogging. I thought her writing was interesting and I was still learning quite a bit. Alas, she decided her weight loss blog had done it’s job and decided to move on to other things.

The post made a lot of sense to me. She had really stepped up her exercise routine, but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. He told her that when you do that, you need to step up your caloric intake also, otherwise your body hoards fat just like it does when you first start dieting and it thinks you’re going to starve it. It explained it a lot better and more concise.
When she quit blogging, I took her off my blogroll. Silly me. I should have left it there for inspiration if nothing else. This morning I thought I would google “weight watchers blogs” and see if I could find it that way. As far as I know she didn’t take it down. I went through 43 pages of WW blogs, articles, news, etc. before AOL through me off. The one I thought may be her, blogger says the blog has been removed. I hope not.
I know nothing lasts forever, but I am really hoping I’ll run across it again some day. Then I’ll be smart enough to copy on a notepad the advice I thought was so great instead of counting on my “memory”.

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  1. Sounds like she had a very impacting blog. That is cool

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