I Try To Be Good And “They” Screw It Up!

Grahm crackers

Grahm crackers

Starting in kindergarten, graham crackers have always been the snack of the hour holding a special place in the hearts of most children everywhere. My love for graham crackers didn’t just stay at school during snack time though. My Dad used to break up graham crackers in a bowl, pour milk over them and eat them like a breakfast cereal. Just about anything my Dad did must be good, so I have carried on the habit and passed it on to my children.

As a dieter they were always the less evil choice between them and cookies. I was thrilled to death when they came out with the low fat version. This morning as I’m opening one of the pouches, getting ready to break some of them in my bowl, I couldn’t help but notice they now boast 5g of whole grain on the front of the box. If there really is whole grain in there, shouldn’t it boost the amount of fiber? As I’m reading through the ingredients to find what kind of whole grain, I can’t help but notice the high fructose corn syrup making the list. Now why on earth do they need HFCS when they brag about the honey that makes them “honey grahams”?

It just goes to show how important the little list of “stuff” on the side of the box really is. It’s so easy to be deceived by their fancy marketing tactics thinking we’re doing a really good thing towards our own health and obesity only to find we’ve been foiled again.

3 Responses

  1. Isn’t that the truth!When you start reading how much HFCS is in just about anything….it really blows your mind!

  2. I’m with you! Why do we need HFCS in our HONEY maid graham crackers?

    Having said that, I love them too. I’ve always loved the cinnamon ones dipped in applesauce. That’s a bit healthier than the other way that I love them. My mom used to decorate cakes for extra money and there was often leftover cake frosting in the fridge. Cake frosting + graham cracker= total yum. Sadly, it also equals total diet disaster. I guess I’ll stick to my graham cracker and applesauce combo. The milk sounds pretty good too!

  3. awalkabout- Thank you for stopping by and welcome!
    I can’t believe the stuff their putting this junk in. I read this morning Best Foods/Hellman’s Light has started putting it in their mayo also. Since they raised the price of mayo and made the jars smaller you would think they could afford sugar. LOL

    Sweetie Pie- You sure come up with some great ideas. I love the way you utilize cinnamon, etc when it comes to spices. I’ve never tried them dipped in apple sauce altho it sounds like it should be ok since we used to get them served with apple juice. I’m afraid I too will have to skip the frosting, but it sure sounds like a yummy idea. LOL

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