1 Month In- How Ya Doin’?

Well it’s been a month since we all set out New Year’s Resolutions or “goals” if you will. How many have you broken so far? LOL. It hasn’t been that long since my daughter and I decided to do this weight loss thing together, but I was supposedly starting right after New Year’s.

One thing I’ve learned is that when you reach my age, that post-menapausal age, the body can start falling apart in a hurry! I was doing really well going to the gym, even if I don’t like how crowded it gets sometimes, that when I don’t go now my body hurts.

I’ve been involved in a couple of life altering projects this week, and I have sorely, and I do mean sorely, neglected exercise. When I get on these projects I go from “all out” to “burn out” and there is no in between. I have discovered this week that I can no longer do that.

I’ve always griped at my mother about not moving more, and she always says it hurts. My answer to that is if you would move more, you would work that stiffness out and it wouldn’t hurt so much. I know that’s good in theory, but I’ve often wondered if I would practice what I preached. I am. It has finally become more painful not to exercise, than to exercise.

While I know it’s much more rewarding to exercise, that has never been enough to motivate me. Neither has the fact that exercise helps to stave off Alzheimer’s, which worries me but I do a lot of constant learning, etc. so it probably doesn’t worry me as much as it should. I have a very low threshold for pain however and this just might be the answer for me.

As far as the diet part goes, I’ve done well. Not terrific, but well. I have not lost any weight yet, but I think a part of that has been stress, sitting a lot, and then yeah, not being as good as I should be. Once again I will return to Sparkpeople to track what I eat. One of my biggest downfalls is not planning ahead, then I don’t want to quit what I’m doing to go figure something out for dinner. I am still working on correcting that. I started this morning by pulling the ground beef out of the freezer at 8 am. LOL. Now on to find my WeightWatchers recipe to go with it.


3 Responses

  1. I’m getting somewhat of a late start on my diet/exercise plan. I started the diet a few weeks ago but seem to have trouble sticking to it when I get aggravated and I joined a new gym today. Wish me luck.

  2. I’m getting serious about my diet starting Monday. I’m going to try Medifast and got my food on Friday. I’ve never done this kind of weight loss thing but I’m willing to try something new at this point since suddenly nothing is working. Ugh…..

  3. SMB- Congrats to you! I know, going back to the “diet” plan is tuff. What really ticks me off is I know most of it is just a matter of habit. When I stick to a diet for awhile, it becomes a habit to eat that way. It’s just a shame I have a lot of habits that need changing. LOL
    Good luck. I’ll be checking in with you.

    Midlife Slices- Isn’t it amazing how you finally get used to dealing with your body as it works, and then it changes (menopause) and then there’s a whole new set of rules. Good luck to you. You’re one of the lucky ones that never dieted your whole life, aye? Welcome to our side. LOL.

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