It Has How Many Points?

When the Weight Watchers “Points Finder” doesn’t go up that high, you better not eat it. LOL. I love how most places have the nutritional info online now for most of their menu items.  I think that’s part of the reason I never go out for a hamburger anymore. What gets me is when you think you’re making a healthier choice, and it’s still 800 calories. I love the ‘mach combo burrito’ at our local Del Taco, but it’s 25 points. That’s my WHOLE DAMN DAY’S WORTH! It weighs a ton, and sometimes I just have to have one, so I stretch it over 2 meals, like one today, one tomorrow, then I don’t feel so guilty and at least I can still have something for supper. That’s where the list comes in handy that lists all the foods by point value. I just take from the “0” and “1” pointers.

All in all I’m back on track. I’m back to drinking my 1 part unsweetened cranberry juice to 7 parts water when I first wake up. I drink that while I’m waiting for my coffee. It sure wakes you up in a hurry when you’re not drinking a bunch of sugar. I never realized how tart those little red berries can be. It also hydrates after sleeping all nite, and most important, flushes the junk out.

I’ve been doing good going to the gym. I think I’ve finally found the right combination. It’s close to my house, I know what I want to do so I don’t have to rely on anyone, and the tredmills measure my heart rate whenever I want it to. I’m still working on when the best time is to go. For me it’s when I first wake up, but for the club it seems to be even busier in the wee hours of the morning than it normally is. There were a lot of older, older people there this morning early, along with the “get it in before going to work” crowd. I guess I’ll just keep trying different times until I find a time when it’s not so full.

It’s going to be a busy day around here today. My oldest daughter is coming up from central valley, and my middle daughter is moving out.  After today it’s “no more kids”. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. The first time my middle daughter left, it was fine. She was just out of high school and we fought all the time. After she learned what the “real” world was like and moved back in, we’re quite good friends now. I will miss her.

All the kids wonder in and out. My son doesn’t live very far away, so unless I’m bugging him to get a job or go back to school, I see him fairly often. My oldest daughter makes it up here every few weeks and usually spends a night or two, so that’s always nice. This daughter is moving about 8 hrs. away, so I doubt she will be coming home very often. The one good thing is the house she’s moving into (her cousin’s) is right across the way from a timeshare resort that I’m a member of, so I have a place to stay if I go down there.


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  1. When the Weight Watchers “Points Finder” doesn’t go up that high, you better not eat it. LOL.

    That first sentence drew me in. Good post. I better make sure I follow that simple rule as I live out my WW life. Thanks

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