I’m Pretty Excited!

My daughters

My daughters

I’ve written here before about my oldest daughter going vegetarian. I really thought it was an ok idea as I know she’s not real big on fruits and veggies and I thought it would help her to eat more of the right things. Unfortunately she’s much too much like me and you can still eat a lot of the wrong things even going vegetarian, without any of them involving meat.(Bread, desserts, pasta with alfredo sauce).

She has a few health issues and she’s only 26. I bought both of us a new book by a Dr. Mark Hyman about healthier eating. He’s done some fabulous work with food and depression, food and autism, etc. He’s been on Martha Stuart and done some work with Oprah’s Dr. Oz, so he doesn’t appear to be some crackpot. When she was up here the other day, I gave it to her. She thumbed through it and was really interested. Score! Usually I give her self-help stuff and she’s not very interested.

While she was here, we also discussed the fact we had about the same amount of weight to lose (about 50 lbs). So I counted out 25 weeks, figuring for July 11, 2009 and we set that as a target date. We also decided we should have something to work towards as a reward.

When it comes to traveling there really aren’t that many places I would like to go (pretty crazy considering I’m a travel agent). She has never been to Hawaii, which is one place I would love to go back to, and she had a crappy time in New Orleans when she went with a girlfriend, which I would love to go back there also. So we  are on a quest to decide what our reward will be at the end of this.

The other morning she called and had actually gone to the gym. She’s had a membership for I don’t know how long, but only been a couple of times. I just hope she keeps it up. Her work schedule varies so I told her the same thing I wrote about here, that if she gets in the routine of going shortly after she gets up, it really wouldn’t matter what time that was. She belongs to a gym like I do that has restricted hours so it’s definitely going to take some scheduling and some effort, but she can do it. On days she has to be to work at 7 am, she’ll have to go after work, which is ok but it does screw up the regular routine a bit. The trick is on those days is to have everything with you and point the car to the gym instead of towards home.

I’m so happy she has decided to do this with me. It’s nice to have her back to where we can encourage each other. When we went to WW together before, we both did really well and she was so much happier with herself. It’s just a shame we’re both so damn self destructive. LOL.


4 Responses

  1. That’s great that you are doing it together. I think it helps to have the extra encouragement.

  2. That is so terrific that you two are doing it as a team! There is no better motivator than a loved one who is joining you in your journey. Here’s to success!

  3. So nice to have hands-on encouragement and support, especially when it’s a loved one. Congrats, and good luck!


  4. Thanks for all the encouragement, ladies. It’s so nice to have the support. Now just waiting for the pounds to drop. LOL

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