Day 3 Still Here, All of Me

Doesn’t that sound familiar? It usually takes us awhile to gain all the weight, but we want it off NOW! LOL.

I skipped the gym yesterday, but not because I was wimping out or came up with excuses, but everything I’ve read says your body needs time to heal. I guess that’s why they always suggest working out 3 days a week vs. 7.  I actually did pull something in my neck and rotator cuff, so I thought the day for healing was probably a good idea. When you’ve been sedentary for so long it’s easy to pull something somewhere. I went this morning tho, and I discovered the machine that put the pull in my neck, so I’m either doing it wrong, or I need to wait to use that machine.

I also know an exercise with resistance bands that fixes the pain in a rotator cuff,  so I found a machine that does the same basic motion. It worked. I feel 89% better tonite than I did. What cracked me up is there is a promo going on at that gym and it starts with a “free” consultation for people who have pain there. If it’s done right, and the fact that it’s a consultation, I’m sure it leads to hiring a personal trainer. Whoo! Skipped that one.

Diet. Not perfect, but good. I had a lot of voluntary cooks the first week, and when I have to cook I do have a tendancy to grab the lesser of evils out of the freezer based on least amount of time to cook. I am using the cookbooks, but I probably would be a lot better at it if I planned ahead, which I know so now that I’m talking about that again, I may actually do it.

And then there’s just plain life. Why can’t we get the same credit for doing life things as exercise. Oh I know there’s a chart somewhere, but I take every opportunity to park far away from the store in a parking lot, walk like I’m in a race up to the store door, walk normal through the store, walk like hell back to the car, unload, walk like crazy back to replace the cart, walk again to the car like a madwoman, then squat into the car. That’s exercise. That’s interval training. LOL.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’re doing very well. I started the South Beach Diet on Monday and so far so good but still haven’t made it back to the gym or tried any activity other than cleaning house. Baby steps.

  2. Hey SMB- good for you! I believe in baby steps too. I also believe cleaning house is a form of exercise, and walking fast to and from the car in the store parking lot is a sort of pace training. LOL. Anytime my butt is moving it counts! Good luck.

  3. I just started a interval training program. It’s been about 2 weeks and now my left shoulder is starting to bother me a bit. It feels like i’m overworking my rotator cuff. Could the resistance bands be aggrevating my shoulder? what are your thoughts?


  4. grafsata- Thanks for stopping by and Welcome. I don’t know to tell you the truth. It sounds like maybe you’re doing something with possibly a wrong form or perhaps that particular exercise doesn’t work for you. My rotator cuff is sore most of the time unless I exercise it. I found one with a resistance band and a couple of machines at the gym that give me the same kind of motion. When I do them regularly they alleviate the pain. I would think with all the exercise you get in marial arts you wouldn’t even have to think about adding more. LOL. Maybe try finding an exercise that produces the same results but doesn’t cause the irritation to your shoulder that this one does.

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