Using Weight Watchers Cookbooks

I have probably over a half dozen WeightWatchers cookbooks starting clear back to the original which I bought when I was 16 ( a whole lot of years ago). When I bought that original book, a lot of the recipes in there were really odd, like cooking cauliflower and blending it for “fake” mashed potatoes. That’s just one memory I can pull off the top of my head, but trust me there were many more. Actually one thing that book did for me was introduce me to a lot of new foods I had never had before and ended up liking. A few years later when my mother was living with me she enjoyed not only some foods she had never had before, but also some dishes using foods she previously didn’t care for. By then I was probably on their 3rd cookbook.

Now WeightWatchers has come so far and while I haven’t kept up with buying every cookbook, I have quite a few. I informed the BF today that I think I’m going to start picking dinners out of one of them every nite. I might as well put them to good use. God knows I paid enough for them (the collection, I mean). So I thought I would take a page out of “365 Days of Crockpotting” and see what I can do. Unlike the crockpot lady, I probably will have “lazy” days where I just cook something I know is ok or whatever, but for the most part I’m looking forward to trying some new food ideas.

They say that one of the dieting downfalls is boredom. Well hell, I get bored with my cooking now! If you could see the collection of recipes and recipe books I have you would wonder how, but I basically always cook the same stuff.  I might as well be one of those “Oh it’s Tuesday we must be having meatloaf” of “Oh it’s Friday we must be having fish” kind of people. (I’m not Catholic but I was raised with the old rules. LOL). I have actually caught myself wishing there was another kind of animal besides just beef, foul, pork or fish.


4 Responses

  1. I love this idea of pulling a new recipe out everyday. Even if you do it just a few times a week, it will break with the norm. Great idea.

  2. Great Information! Keep up the good work…

  3. I have a problem with boredom pretty often. That is a constant struggle for me in my weight loss efforts. Atthough I have lost 130 lbs, keeping it off is more boreing. Not seeing weight come off but staying the same is not as exicting or motivating. Good job on spicing things up for you and th bf.

  4. SMB- Glad you like. I think if I plan it right I should be able to pull it off pretty often, but you’re right. I’m too lazy or usually too busy to want to spend too much time cooking. More crockpot stuff. LOL

    Weight loss- Thanks for stopping by. Your site is quite interesting. You must have just about every diet known to man (or woman) on there. LOL

    run4change- I’m afraid I would have to agree with you. In the past I always kept the weight off for several years, but boredom was probably my downfall. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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