I’m Ramping Up!

I know they say not to keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow” but I’m saying it. I am still getting set up to get serious for sure this year. I am finishing the last of the holiday food which includes a multi-flavored mini cheesecake, and I need the BF to hook up my son’s old VCR in the kitchen where I have all my gym equipment set up. I got a webcam for XMAS (actually 2 but took one back) that I need to get hooked up and learn how to use, and am taking more before pictures to do a sort of “journey in pics” thing.

I am proud to say I’m not starting this year any heavier than I have been for several months, so I don’t have to deal with added weight. That was the goal I had set prior to Thanksgiving, and I was able to make that one work without too much effort.

What I am not proud of is that I started this blog a year ago last Sept. to force a sort of accountability, but it really didn’t help. There is a certain anonymity in being in cyberspace and while I have told the truth on my blog here, I haven’t really had to face anyone but myself, and obviously I’m not my strictest disciplinarian. I’ve decided that has to change. I need to face myself and you and not with the same old story.

While I get motivated over and over again, I’m not consistently motivated which is for sure part of my downfall. Trying to combat that, I am scheduling in the beginning of my day to go thru the WeightWatchers and Sparkpeople’s message boards, participate in the tracking tools daily, and look more for motivators around me.

I figure I have 2 choices: be where I am a year from now or be where I want to be a year from now.Ā  Right here and now, on this second day of January, 2009 I am choosing the latter!

What are you going to do different this year? Or if what you’re doing is working for you and you’re sticking with it, SHARE. LOL


9 Responses

  1. I am of the opinion that the most important thing is honesty — with oneself. If we try to fool ourselves, then we are doomed. I love your honesty.

    Here’s to your success this year in meeting your goals!

  2. you can do this… patience. set long term goals, but set achievable near term goals as well! rewards do not equal food (that was the hardest for me). this time? after i drop the 40 pesky pounds by labor day (20 by memorial day)? i’m springing for a wetsuit for my Scuba trips… motivation to stay thin this time will be financial – cuz i ain’t gonna want to buy a new wet suit if i gain back the weight!

  3. Wow, that’s great that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of the extra holiday weight. I wish I could say the same. I’ve got about 5 extra on top of the 100s (40) others that I need to lose. All of our houseguests and family members are gone now except one so it’s back to the business of fitness and health! I think I will go back to living South Beach style. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Well, I have a main hope for turning things around this year, and it’s the time management book I bought from Amazon… ‘Do it Tomorrow’. šŸ™‚
    It makes so much sense, and I started to do what it said, and things were getting done, then it all got thrown to the winds over Christmas. I’ll just have to pick it up again… I think it could become a good habit. That’s my tip. šŸ™‚

  5. Sorry, forgot to say who wrote it; it’s Mark Forster.

  6. diddums- The book sounds interesting, kind of like an oxymoron. I’ll have to look into it, especially since one of the things I’m fighting is procrastination. LOL

    SMB- How do you like the south beach diet? I’ve never really known any one on it so I had no one to ask. They’ve sure gone all out, like weight watchers with the stuff available in the grocery stores, etc. Good luck to you. Here’s to us both making it this year! LOL

    writinggb- I think you’re right, My Dear and thanks for the complement. I think while they are having free registration I’m going back to WeightWatchers and actually attend the meetings.

  7. Thanks for stopping over, daisyfae- My reward will be getting back into my clothes. LOL. Talk about being your mother someday. I had to borrow clothes from her because I refuse to go buy clothes at this size. I really thought when I got rid of my “fat” clothes the last time I lost weight I wouldn’t gain again because I had nothing to wear. wrong. LOL.

  8. You go, girl! I have no doubt you can do whatever you set your mind to!!! We’re all here to support you in your journey!

  9. Nothing Fancy- Have I told you lately how much I like you? LOL. Thank you.

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