What Do We Know About Acai?

I have to admit I ‘ve been fascinated lately by the Acai berry. It’s supposed to have such super health benefits, plus the benefit of losing weight. The only “real” thing I’ve read is the pure stuff is more healthful and effective than the combinations. Reading up on everything all the ads will tell you how it was touted on Oprah. They don’t tell you it wasn’t their product. According to the good Dr. Oz (I think it was him) it needs to be pure and now they have an unsweetened pulp that is supposed to be the ultimate.  I’m going to check my health food store the next time I go in, or maybe Whole foods and see what they have. There are all kinds of stuff on the web, but if I’m going to do it I want the real thing.

The MonaVie juice is really popular, but it’s about $45 a botttle an it is not the pure stuff. It’s mixed with other juices etc. There’s bottles and bottles of this stuff on the internet, everyone offering a free sample, but I can’t find what’s in them. I’ll let you know what I find etc., when I find it. LOL.

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