Does Housework Qualify For Exercise?

Our Diningroom Table

Our Diningroom Table

It’s only 5 days to Thanksgiving and for me the menu plan, the cooking and the baking are the easy part. This, I’m embarrassed to say, is what our dining room table currently looks like. It is truly a “catch all”. All those little bags around the bottom? They’re full of canned goods etc. that need to find a home.

So what I’m wondering is, if I’m lifting cans one in each hand, putting them away on the shelves where I have to either stretch up or bend down, would that work for “strength training”? After being embarrassed for me and wondering how I could dare to put a picture like this on the World Wide Web, you may be laughing. I’m serious. I could make quite a workout out of this. Each can weighs approximately 1 pound, between the weight and the steps back and forth to the cupboard, I could work in cardio and strength training at the same time. Of course it’ll take me a little more time to get it done (time I’m running out of) but wouldn’t that work? I just wish I had a counter that would count the calories I burn as I do it, but we can’t have it all, can we? LOL. On top of that, there are actually a couple of small, heavy appliances on the table also. I have to put those out back to make room, so there are even more steps.

You can see now why the gym I built in the kitchen hasn’t worked out too well. That blue thing to the right is my “abdoer”. You can see it gets a lot of use here. LOL. Don’t worry. After I get it all cleaned up and have the table set, I’ll put up those pics too. Then I’m going to go post them on “Organizing Junkie’s” blog. I know she’ll appreciate them. LOL.


4 Responses

  1. I totally agree that is a WORKOUT! Do it to music and it will count for sure!

  2. Thanks. I thought some might agree with me if they could see it. LOL

  3. Most definitely!!! Cleaning is absolutely EXERCISE. That’s why I try to avoid it…must keep with my avoiding exercise theory and therefore must not clean!

  4. Oh, looking at that picture hurts..I’m getting woozy..I’m getting a headache. Seriously, I really want to straighten that out!

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