It’s A “Chocolate” Time of Year

Important: For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Lean Cuisine is recalling 900,000 lbs. of their different chicken dinners. Evidently some people have found bits of hard blue plastic in their frozen dinners.  You can get more info by calling the Nestle Company at 1-800-227-6188. They probably have which ones up on their website also, if not at the Nestle site, then at the Lean Cuisine site.

Now that I’ve done my “Public Service Announcement” LOL, I’ll get on with my topic.

From a bit before Halloween, right up threw drinking shots out of chocolate “bottles” for New Year’s, there is chocolate every where! I was so happy when they came out with the results of studies showing dark chocolate was actually healthy for you. What a great excuse for dieters! What do I care that 80% of the studies were conducted by Mars, the big candy maker? A study is a study. LOL. (So if it had been bad for you, would they still let the results be known or would they just keep quiet about doing any studies at all? No conflict of interest there).

The word is out. Most people close to me know I’m trying to lose weight, so don’t buy me candy at all, but if you’re like my passive aggressive  

Ghiradelli Ribbon Gift

Ghiradelli Ribbon Gift

boyfriend who doesn’t like “fat chicks” but insists on buying me chocolate, then make it dark so I can at least be a “healthier fat chick”.

According to the studies, the dark chocolate has no added milk fat along with having healthy flavonoids (the same stuff that makes red wine healthy). I drink a lot of red wine and eat a chocolate now and then, I can’t understand why I’m not the “picture” of health.  Supposedly, altho it doesn’t have the fiber and vitamins, dark chocolate has 70% more flavonoids than apples! That’s a pretty big plus.

I keep a stash of chocolate in the bottom of my freezer. I have a bag of milk chocolate that I share with people who just want a piece of chocolate, and then I have the dark chocolate underneath. When I get hit by a chocolate craving, I just grab a piece from down below and that’s usually enough to satisfy me, so the See’s candy, etc. that floats around at Christmas and people bring to Thanksgiving, don’t really intimidate me too much anymore.

I thought this was pretty cool. According to Healthnet, there is the growing evidence that chocolate is a mood enhancer. Chocolate contains as many as 400 different compounds that promote a better mood and alleviate anxiety, which helps to explain why so many people experience cravings for it. Serotonin, endorphins and phenylethylamine are all found in chocolate and can lift the mood; it also contains the stimulants caffeine and theobromine, and the amphetamine-like compounds tyramine and phenyletylamine. So if you’re feeling a little out-of-sorts or depressed it looks like dark chocolate is the perfect answer. Didn’t we women always know that?

Just remember to enjoy it in moderation, just like everything else we dieters have to do concerning food.


5 Responses

  1. Some good information here! Nice Blog…Losing weight is the most hardest thing i have been faced with.

  2. I have long been singing the praises of dark chocolate. Can’t even bother with milk chocolate anymore. Yum!

  3. AND… nothing beat s a glass of wine WITH a little dark chocolate. Nice combo and SOOOO healthy. 🙂

  4. weight loss obesity- Thanks for the compliment. Your site has a ton of info on it. Losing weight is tuff for me too, especially since I work at home now. A whole new set of problems.

    SMB- I’ve gotten pretty “snooty” with my chocolate too. LOL. The dark just seems to have such a purer taste. Yeah, I LOVE it!

    So glad to see you writinggb. Thanks for stopping by. I love that combo too. Here I thought it was just me. I’ve had so many people tell me “sweets don’t go with alcohol” they just aren’t eating and drinking the right stuff. LOL

  5. That’s for darn tootin’ sure. Dove’s dark chocolate Promises are only one point each. One goes fine with a small wine. No problemo planning enough points for that, right?

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