A New “Challenge” For Thanksgiving

tofu-turkey-headerWhile most of us “Hefty Honeys” will be just trying to keep from gaining weight over the holidays, let alone lose some, there are recipes popping up all over the net for traditional, non-traditional, low fat, low carb dishes for Thanksgiving. Along with those are a host of tips on how to keep your appetite in control, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I myself substitute anything that calls for eggs with eggbeaters. Anything that calls for oil, I melt Country Crock in the microwave, and anything that calls for cream I use fat free canned milk or fat free half and half. It’s amazing, but these three things alone can cut hundreds of calories from the menu. This year I have a new challenge that has nothing to do with my weight.

I have to have Tofu Turkey for my newly vegetarian daughter. When she originally told me she had seen one at Trader Joe’s in the vain that we could have that instead of traditional turkey, I let her know there was “no way”. I had already gone through that with Raymond, and it turned out terrible. Everyone tried sneaking in “real food” without Marie knowing about it. She asked who Raymond was. “Everybody Loves Raymond, of course” in a tone that asks how she could not possibly know what I was talking about.

So I have agreed to have Tofu along side of our traditional turkey. I had pretty much forgotten about it until she brought it up again last nite on the phone. Looking at the recipes I found when I googled “Tofu Turkey” it’s a pretty scary option. I don’t think they know about Trader Joe’s, otherwise they wouldn’t have to do everything they do in those recipes to make some kind of form.

I myself am not a fan of Tofu. I have tried in all different kinds of chinese food, and I just don’t care for it. Supposedly you can stuff the Tofu Turkey with stuffing and all kinds of playful things. If it works out, I suppose I will have to have it for Christmas also, unless they have some form of vegetarian ham or something. This is really quite an experience finding alternatives to meat, especially when you’re a very carniverous household. LOL. Right now I don’t even know if I can buy one and freeze it until Thanksgiving, or if I buy it now and it will last just refrigerated, or if I have to wait until closer to Thanksgiving to buy, and then what if they run out? Oh my!

Over the next couple of weeks I guess I will be visiting vegetarian recipes, blogs, etc. altho the turkey and gravy are generally the only meat or meat by-products on our table. Most everything else is vegetarian by it’s nature. I will rise to the task, enjoying the new knowledge I gain, because I just have nothing else to do (and because I love my daughter so much). LOL.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips on butter, milk/cream and eggs. I have to wonder what fat free half and half is. I thought half and half was half cream and half milk. Cream by nature is full of fat. How do they make the h&h fat free? What does that make it? I’m with you trying to lose weight during the holidays. I’m not satisfied to just maintain, I’m hopeful that I can still lose but it is so hard.

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  3. I have to laugh…I love tofu, but if I even suggested it at the Thanksgiving table my husband would have a fit.

    It IS time consuming to make tofu interesting.

  4. SMB- You know, I don’t know how they manage to make half and half fat free, but I like it because the consistancy is a little thicker than using milk. Believe it or not, it works great in my quiche. When I first started experimenting, I used to use Mocha Mix, but then “Land O’ Lakes” came out with this and it was great!

    Lou- I can just imagine! The look on the BF’s face wasn’t good either when I mentioned it. I don’t think Tofu is a “man’s thing”. LOL

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