The Ten Commandments of Permanent Weight Loss

I saw this on one of the message boards at SparkPeople(great free weight loss site) and had to “borrow” it. LOL. I thought it was pretty good.

1. Thou shalt honor and believe in thyself.

2. Thou shalt move thy booty. Move it and move it some more.

3. Thou shalt never go hungry again. Eat small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day.

4. Thou shalt stock the fridge with the right stuff – the fruits and vegetables of the earth, the melba toast of men who walked before us.

5. Thou shalt honestly write it down. If you bite it, you must write it.

6. Thou shalt weigh and measure thy food.

7. Thou shalt drink enough Holy Water to frighten Noah and map out all the restrooms in thy village.

8. Thou shalt not deny thyself a treat or two now and then.

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s plate.

10. Thou shalt not eat out of misery, boredom, anxiety … but should they over-indulge, forgive thyself immediately.

All Is Forgiven, Move On!

I would also like to thank NanaDiaries for my new award. Now, there’s nothing on here that says it has to be “my” creativity, right? LOL. Make sure you stop by and give her a read. It’s so much fun reading her stories.

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

And now as is tradition, I would like to pass it on. Please visit the following as they are really “kreativ”.
                                           Between Us Girls
                                             Personally Speaking
                                           Nothing Fancy

5 Responses

  1. So true! And yes Sparkpeople is a great site 🙂

    #7 is hilarious!

  2. Thank you so much! It makes me feel so good to know that you enjoy my blog. Right back at ya, girl!

  3. Nice site. I am really looking to lose weight. I just cant seem to get started.
    What do you suggest as the best diet program out there?

  4. Thanks everyone- glad you enjoyed. I just thought it was too good not to share. LOL

    1stweightlossclinic- You have a ton of stuff to choose from on your site. I personally like Weight Watchers. I love the added benefits of the meetings for the comraderie and the extra ideas you pick up from everyone’s input.

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