Timing Is Everything- Setting Up For Failure

Love Pumpkin Pie

Love Pumpkin Pie

Why do I always get these bright ideas just before the holidays? We’re coming into the season of almost nothing but food and drink, and I’m ready to get serious about losing my weight. Now is that not setting myself up for failure or what? LOL.

Actually it’s that type of thinking, (about dieting around the holidays) that has probably kept me from gaining more weight than I already have. Luckily, just because I haven’t been “ideal” when it comes to my diet all year, doesn’t mean I move into the holidays head-long and with reckless abandonment. (Although it sure sounds good, doesn’t it?)

I use eggbeaters in my pies and anything else I bake during the holidays. I use fat free skimmed milk in the can for any milk I need, as the consistency is better than regular skim milk, and if anyone tells you they can tell the difference without watching you or you telling them you made the substitutions, they’re psychic or something. My mother’s the worst critic and the most “traditional” person I’ve ever known, and she’s never complained once about my pies or anything else on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Trust me, it’s not because she’s just being “nice” or “polite” because she’s not! LOL.

I haven’t found a substitute for the sugar yet, altho I was eyeing the Splenda blends. Anyone have any comment or advice on that? I also read that a lot of people substitute agave nectar? for sugar. I’m a little confused on that one also, since it’s liquid and not solid when you start out. How do you figure how much to substitute? I would appreciate any help anyone has to offer. If I could cut the sugar and start actually making my own low fat pie shells, I could really be in “hog heaven”. LOL.

The reason for this new motivation is because I attended a seminar this weekend. I had to admit I was “addicted” to procrastination. (Which explains why nothing in my house is done and I’m always going to exercise “tomorrow”). So now I am a “recovering procrastinator”. It was odd hearing someone talk about how procrastination is really a control issue, how by procrastinating you have complete control of the outcome, and what it actually does to the brain. So for now I’m trying to “kick the habit”.  Time will tell. I just thought it was because I was lazy. LOL


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  1. What you say is all good…but I believe you must exercise or the weight will not stay off. One half hour a day is perfect.

  2. I don’t know how you’d divvy it out, but I like cooking with Splenda. I don’t taste any difference in things sweetened with sugar, except that it’s maybe not quite AS sweet.

    Hey, check out my site for some bloggy goodness to pass along. I thought of you immediately when I was asked about other bloggers I love. You’re one of them, for sure.


  3. Lou- I know you’re right. I just can’t seem to find one I can stick to since losing my exercise partners. It’s like right after going through a divorce. LOL.

    Nanadiaries- Thanks for the help. I’m glad to hear you’ve used Splenda. It sort of scared me, because I’m old enough to remember trying to bake with Sugar Twin, the very first substitute that was supposed to be good for baking. Thank you too for another award. I feel so ….well you know. LOL. No, I’m truly honored and thank you for the compliment. I’m going to put it up right after Veteran’s Day.

  4. Good for you. I am going to try to get better during the holidays instead of worse too. Lofty goal for sure. I have heard splenda measures the same as sugar but haven’t tried it for baking. Good Luck.

  5. Thanks SMB- if I get brave enough I’ll let you know how it goes.

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