What’s New In Weight Loss Today?

I always find it fascinating to discover how hard every one is working on becoming the next “latest and greatest” in the weight loss industry.

There’s a new “Anti-Aging Weight Loss Diet” out. I read through it. Most of the tips are the same we’ve heard over and over again, olive oil, fish, drink plenty of water, we all know the routine, except for Adzuki beans. What the heck? I’m a big bean eater, but I have never heard of these. Are they only indigenous to the UK (where this diet was born) or can you get them anywhere? Now this diet is not only supposed to take 10 lbs. off your body, but 10 yrs. off your face to by fighting wrinkles. I’m 53 yrs. old. I could be interested. The article says you can buy them canned at the supermarket. I have never seen 1 can of Adzuki beans. The other specific thing it mentioned that I don’t see very often while going thru these lists of superfoods is Apricots. (Yes, I’ve seen and eaten apricots. LOL) They don’t make these lists specifically very often. They’re usually clumped with “more fruits and veggies” I guess.

The other thing that caught my eye this morning is a new non-surgical weight loss proceedure that a reporter from WCTV TV  reported on. It’s called Transoral Gastroplasty, or Toga. They take flexible instruments and put them down your throat, pull up part of your stomach thru your mouth, staple it, and put it back. The stapling forms a small pouch that makes you feel full. The first American to try it, Carrie Williamson, a 30 yr. old, says she had it done on Wednesday and was back to work on Monday. That’s a pretty darn quick recovery.  The pilot study  said patients lost 40% of body fat within a year. It’s not quite as much as with bypass surgery, but there’s less risk and less complications. I would love almost anything that would lose 40% of my body fat for me. LOL. God knows I’m not doing so hot on my own! I wonder how fat you have to be to have this done? And how much does it cost?

In the mean time I guess I’ll just stick to the good old fashioned diet and exercise. Thought you might like to see another “calories burned” chart. Here you go. It’s actually a pretty cool chart.


*If you’d like to learn more about the Trim Body System you can check it out here.


4 Responses

  1. I was reading recently that many of those who gain weight are fast eaters, and receive weak or delayed signals about when they are full… whether or not that’s related to eating fast. 🙂

    Chewing everything 20 times? Ugh. But certainly we should avoid gulping things down.

  2. I have always heard that it takes up to 20 min. for your brain to notify your stomach you’re full. I’ve tried that “chew 20 times” thing, but when there’s nothing left in your mouth after 10? It’s really tuff doing this with yogurt. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by diddums.

  3. Interesting fact. Over weight is a big problem many of us in the society are facing. We should be working hard to work with our body to get rid of the mass. Weight loss program help us to work and get good physic. It is good to go through this weight loss program .

  4. Sam- Thanks for stopping. Your site is very enticing. How much weight have you lost with the “miracle”?

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