Ain’t No Fat Chick Sleeping In My Bed

When I was first getting to know the BF, that was one of his favorite lines. Then we went to a dinner party with a bunch of his friends and ended up sitting right across from one of his ex’s. I had known her previously, I just didn’t know she had lived with him. One of the first things he said to me was “she wasn’t heavy like that when I was with her”. I wasn’t exactly skinny at the time so I guess that’s why I kind of overlooked those statements. Originally when he said his famous line above, I said “watch it, I resemble that remark”. He didn’t argue.

Our love life has never been great unless I initiated it, but now that I’ve gotten heavy from not working outside the home, it’s non-existant. I lost 50 lbs. once thinking that would change things, but it turned out the problem was not my weight but a personality quirk in him (my other blog). I used to say “You’ll be able to tell people “we went together when she was fat” instead of the other way around”.

When I lost all that weight and it didn’t produce the results I was looking for, my weight started inching back up even before I closed the business. That’s what’s wrong with losing weight for someone else instead of for health or a change in lifestyle, etc. If things don’t happen the way you think they should, you have a tendency to lose interest.

Now I am interested in losing for myself, which has been much slower and not as motivated, but it will last longer when I get there. Meanwhile, the BF has been off work for about a month now, and guess who’s growing quite the pot? Yep, I noticed the other day that his little “beer belly” had started to blow up a little and his butt’s starting to spread. Instead of getting caught up on yard work or any of the other chores (projects) around the house, he basically sits and watches sports shows all day on TV and he isn’t getting any exercise now either. I don’t know how he feels about that yet. I probably won’t be able to keep quiet too much longer before I’ll have to ask.

This is terrible of me, but I have to say I do take kind of a sick, quiet pleasure in the revenge. I had an ex-husband that used to say awful things about anyone he saw that was heavy because he had lost a ton of weight. He was one of those that figured if he could do it, nobody had any excuse good enough. I used to tell him those cracks were going to be back to haunt him some day, and sure enough…he’s old, bald and fat now too. LOL.


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