Don’t Bake A Cake When You First Wake Up

I am such a ding bat some times! I’ve written before on how I control myself in the bakery of the grocery stores by telling myself anything I want I can make at home and have complete control  over the ingredients. This way anything I want can be made a lot less fattening using eggbeaters instead of eggs, melted shed spread instead of oil, etc.

My BF has a thing for blueberry muffins. The other day I bought him 4 of the most big, beautiful, blueberry muffins as a treat since it had been awhile since he got laid off and had had any. When he was working he used to get them himself and I didn’t worry about it. To keep my hands off them I decided I would bake a cake.

I got the box out the day before, but that was about as far as I’d gotten. Made dinner that night, and the first ingredient was 11/4 cup of water. I had to double it to 2 1/2 because I usually have to double a recipe for our family. When I got up in the morning the cake mix was still laying there. I decided I would throw it together real fast while I was waiting for my coffee.

The first ingredient was 1 1/4 cup of water, which I guess I was still asleep or living in the night before, or something, but I promptly doubled that and threw it in with the cake mix. As soon as the water had left the measuring cup I realized what I had done. Now my choice was to either throw out the whole thing, or add another cake mix. I hate to waste anything, so I chose the latter. The cake mix I started with was lemon. One. The other cake mix I had was “yellow”.  Luckily it’s not a strong flavor on it’s own, so it blended right in.

I also started with a rather small mixing bowl. I had to blend the mix, water and oil together to get room for the eggs, which I ended up delicately folding in so as to keep everything in the bowl. I felt like Lucy from the old “I Love Lucy” days. LOL.

I ended up with a cake the size a bakery makes! It is nice and light because of having to fold in the eggs, and it has just the slightest taste of lemon. Unfortunately, no one eats many sweets around here except my mother. Even I am usually satisfied with just a small piece, so it looks like the neighbors may get some. I have a single guy that lives in the mother-in-law quarters out back. I know he’ll appreciate some. I didn’t put frosting on it because, in keeping with “low cal, low fat” I plan to put blueberries on top of mine. I guess that part is up to him.

For me, the moral of the story: Wake up before I attempt anything that requires any kind of thinking vs. auto pilot!


2 Responses

  1. Send some of that cake my way!!!!!

    I love cake. I just wish it loved me back!

  2. It likes me too much that’s why it sticks around, my waist, my hips. LOL. At least if I bake it myself I have some control over what goes in it.
    Thanks for stopping by, Nothing Fancy.

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