Day 2- How Do They Do It?

Yesterday was day 2 of Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss “Race” and race was how it started out. Looking at these now 6 teams (he added another team yesterday) I would have figured them to be as physically fit as I am, give or take. I am not at all, and given many of the team members are much younger, but still…

Dr. Phil started the challenge out with a race like you would start a marathon. They were all at the starting line, he said go, and they went! I couldn’t believe how far these people went before they started just walking. I could have never done as well as they did, and like I said yesterday, I’m not as heavy as a lot of them. I guess that study that says that you can be “fat and fit” wasn’t all that far off after all. I’ll tell you, I’d have been back there with that 413 lb. guy that was walking and trying to hold up his pants (they started falling down if he ran). Frankly, out of this group, I would have expected a lot of company back there, but that’s not what happened.

Dr. Phil had them on some kind of scavenger hunt. I don’t know what the prizes were, but I’ll tell you these people were rushing all over the place. I got interrupted so I don’t know who won, but they wore me out and all I had to do was watch!

This morning I read an article (another one) that mentions about blocking out your exercise time just like any other appt. you make and giving it the same respect. You wouldn’t give a doctor an excuse like you didn’t have time for an appt. you made with him would you? Well, basically this is the same idea. Unless it’s death or an emergency, it’s immovable.

I figured I would get this in while I was letting breakfast settle, but now I’m off. I, for some reason hold 9 am in my head as a time for exercise, so I figure I might as well make it a solid appointment. On SparkPeople they have a place for recording “streaks”. Hopefully this will be a “streak” that goes on indefinitely as how many days in a row I kept my exercise appt.


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