Hey Dr. Phil..

Dr. Phil wants you!

Dr. Phil wants you!

Anybody out their watch Dr. Phil? I watched him every day when he first started on his own show because it was in a perfect time slot. Then they moved it to nite time and I watch other “nighttime TV”, since I do not generally have control of the remote by then. They just moved him again to right across from the 5 o’clock news. I would rather have anything to listen to then the depressing news, so I am very pleased. It appears it happened just in time.

Today he introduced the new teams for the new “Dr. Phil Weight Loss Race”. On his website Dr. Phil.com he’s got all kinds of advice about taking charge of where you’re at and why, how to fix your “stinkin’ thinkin'” (that’s my term for it) and it’s really pretty interesting. You can sign up for free if you want to be able to go to the message boards or do an online journal. I figure the first is probably way to crowded, but might be interesting, the second I do here. This is my online journal, altho it may start to get a little more interesting now. LOL

I remember when he first came out with his book “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” years ago. My oldest daughter was still living here then and I bought it for her, plus the workbook I think. I don’t think she’s ever even opened it. After I get done here, I’m planning on calling her and letting her know this is starting. Even tho I’m doing other things, I figure it never hurts to have a step-by-step. I also think maybe it will ad some accountability which never hurts either.

Today I read the first of his 7 keys and took the assessment to see if I “blame myself, blame my genes, or blame everyone else” for my fat. I really didn’t have to take the assessment to know that I’m right on track, because I do know the only reason I’m heavy is because I’ve done it to myself.  I don’t blame anyone else for me not getting off my butt and getting some exercise. I have the plan for that now, so hopefully this will help keep up the motivation.

One of the things I noticed as I was watching these people come across the stage today is, I have a habit of looking at someone and saying to myself “well I’m not that bad”. That right there is why it’s not good for me to hang out with friends heavier than I am. It’s amazing how that becomes such an easy excuse. I see it in my oldest daughter when I look and all her friends are very large. For our own health, if we can’t bring them along on our trip to change our lifestyle and to improve their health, than sometimes you have to let go for awhile until the changes you’re making for yourself become a natural habit.

So here I go, adding another tool to my arsenal. Some tools I haven’t started using yet, but plan on implementing them soon. All I know is I have been writing this blog for a year now. I’ve already missed my friend’s high school reunion because I didn’t want to embarass him, and that was my big motivation! I had plenty of time to lose the weight, I just never did. I should read over some of my posts and take some of my own advice. LOL.

I think that’s more than enough for today. I’m rambling. I will be back tommorrow after Dr. Phil. LOL


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