We Have A New Design

If you’ve been here before, as you can see I’ve changed the design for this blog. I loved the old theme, but with only two columns, it just didn’t have enough room for all the stuff I keep adding. LOL. I’m not happy with this header, but it’s better than the one that came with the theme. The header I wanted was all the wrong colors and looked uuuuugly, so this is better than that. If I find a header I really like, the top of the blog will probably change again. Until then, this will do.

The design has changed, but darn it, I haven’t. LOL. Still trying to lose weight after menopause, still not exercising enough, and still trying new things. So please, stay tuned.

You might notice the new little widget over on the right. It’s a stream of blogs on weightloss. It’s from a new site I found this morning called “The Experience Project“. It’s really a pretty cool site. You can be totally anonymous and write about anything you want. No one ever has to know who you are. People share life’s experiences on all kinds of subjects.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks. I really miss my old one tho. There was something about her in those bellbottoms took me back aways. I think I have a pic of me in ones just like them somewhere. LOL.

  2. Yeh, I had to change my theme a while back for the same reason. Three columns are much better!

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