Ain’t No Fat Chick Sleeping In My Bed

When I was first getting to know the BF, that was one of his favorite lines. Then we went to a dinner party with a bunch of his friends and ended up sitting right across from one of his ex’s. I had known her previously, I just didn’t know she had lived with him. One of the first things he said to me was “she wasn’t heavy like that when I was with her”. I wasn’t exactly skinny at the time so I guess that’s why I kind of overlooked those statements. Originally when he said his famous line above, I said “watch it, I resemble that remark”. He didn’t argue.

Our love life has never been great unless I initiated it, but now that I’ve gotten heavy from not working outside the home, it’s non-existant. I lost 50 lbs. once thinking that would change things, but it turned out the problem was not my weight but a personality quirk in him (my other blog). I used to say “You’ll be able to tell people “we went together when she was fat” instead of the other way around”.

When I lost all that weight and it didn’t produce the results I was looking for, my weight started inching back up even before I closed the business. That’s what’s wrong with losing weight for someone else instead of for health or a change in lifestyle, etc. If things don’t happen the way you think they should, you have a tendency to lose interest.

Now I am interested in losing for myself, which has been much slower and not as motivated, but it will last longer when I get there. Meanwhile, the BF has been off work for about a month now, and guess who’s growing quite the pot? Yep, I noticed the other day that his little “beer belly” had started to blow up a little and his butt’s starting to spread. Instead of getting caught up on yard work or any of the other chores (projects) around the house, he basically sits and watches sports shows all day on TV and he isn’t getting any exercise now either. I don’t know how he feels about that yet. I probably won’t be able to keep quiet too much longer before I’ll have to ask.

This is terrible of me, but I have to say I do take kind of a sick, quiet pleasure in the revenge. I had an ex-husband that used to say awful things about anyone he saw that was heavy because he had lost a ton of weight. He was one of those that figured if he could do it, nobody had any excuse good enough. I used to tell him those cracks were going to be back to haunt him some day, and sure enough…he’s old, bald and fat now too. LOL.

Don’t Bake A Cake When You First Wake Up

I am such a ding bat some times! I’ve written before on how I control myself in the bakery of the grocery stores by telling myself anything I want I can make at home and have complete control  over the ingredients. This way anything I want can be made a lot less fattening using eggbeaters instead of eggs, melted shed spread instead of oil, etc.

My BF has a thing for blueberry muffins. The other day I bought him 4 of the most big, beautiful, blueberry muffins as a treat since it had been awhile since he got laid off and had had any. When he was working he used to get them himself and I didn’t worry about it. To keep my hands off them I decided I would bake a cake.

I got the box out the day before, but that was about as far as I’d gotten. Made dinner that night, and the first ingredient was 11/4 cup of water. I had to double it to 2 1/2 because I usually have to double a recipe for our family. When I got up in the morning the cake mix was still laying there. I decided I would throw it together real fast while I was waiting for my coffee.

The first ingredient was 1 1/4 cup of water, which I guess I was still asleep or living in the night before, or something, but I promptly doubled that and threw it in with the cake mix. As soon as the water had left the measuring cup I realized what I had done. Now my choice was to either throw out the whole thing, or add another cake mix. I hate to waste anything, so I chose the latter. The cake mix I started with was lemon. One. The other cake mix I had was “yellow”.  Luckily it’s not a strong flavor on it’s own, so it blended right in.

I also started with a rather small mixing bowl. I had to blend the mix, water and oil together to get room for the eggs, which I ended up delicately folding in so as to keep everything in the bowl. I felt like Lucy from the old “I Love Lucy” days. LOL.

I ended up with a cake the size a bakery makes! It is nice and light because of having to fold in the eggs, and it has just the slightest taste of lemon. Unfortunately, no one eats many sweets around here except my mother. Even I am usually satisfied with just a small piece, so it looks like the neighbors may get some. I have a single guy that lives in the mother-in-law quarters out back. I know he’ll appreciate some. I didn’t put frosting on it because, in keeping with “low cal, low fat” I plan to put blueberries on top of mine. I guess that part is up to him.

For me, the moral of the story: Wake up before I attempt anything that requires any kind of thinking vs. auto pilot!

A Little Weight Loss News For Today

So much going on! Happy Monday everybody. Time to get back on track if you fell off over the weekend. Of course I say that because I did. LOL. On Saturday an organization I belong to had their annual BBQ and of course I had to go and show my support. The only thing diet friendly in that buffet line was the BBQ chicken, if you take the skin off. They did have steamed clams which to me is a real treat, but even they were laying in water loaded with butter, the better for dipping your garlic bread. I guess it really isn’t too bad because when I eat like that in the middle of the afternoon, I hardly eat anything for dinner. Very light. I was back on track for Sunday.

Gila MonsterFirst piece of news I wanted to share today is an article I read from KPHO news in Phoenix about “lizard spit and weight loss”. It seems they already use the poisonous venom of the Gila monster to control diabetes, and I guess it works pretty well.

It turns out that those diabetics taking the prescribed medicine are also losing weight. One doctor says her patients have averaged a weight loss of 18 lbs. One of her patients has lost 40 lbs. and is very happy. They’re working on a stronger label because people who take the “lizard spit” could have problems with their pancreas, altho doctors seem to think the benefits outweigh the risks. They’re getting ready to start a new study as we speak. Watch out Alli (which doesn’t seem to work as well as first thought). You may have some strong competition on the horizon.

Next, good old Dr. Phil. There wasn’t really anything on the show on Fri. but he does have a 14 day Rapid Start  plan on his sit. It’s supposed to give you a head start on controlling your sugar and salt cravings and get your body ready for accelerated weight loss. It averages about 1100 to 1200 calories a day. You don’t have to sign in or sign up for anything and you may find it helpful as he gives an actual menu plan. Just scroll down past the plug for his book.

I told you about him having 7 Keys for Weight Loss the other day. On the site they’re on key 1 which is “right thinking”. Take a look around. It’s pretty interesting and helpful. A lot of “homework”, but I guess if you want to find the underlying causes, that’s a good thing.

Day 2- How Do They Do It?

Yesterday was day 2 of Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss “Race” and race was how it started out. Looking at these now 6 teams (he added another team yesterday) I would have figured them to be as physically fit as I am, give or take. I am not at all, and given many of the team members are much younger, but still…

Dr. Phil started the challenge out with a race like you would start a marathon. They were all at the starting line, he said go, and they went! I couldn’t believe how far these people went before they started just walking. I could have never done as well as they did, and like I said yesterday, I’m not as heavy as a lot of them. I guess that study that says that you can be “fat and fit” wasn’t all that far off after all. I’ll tell you, I’d have been back there with that 413 lb. guy that was walking and trying to hold up his pants (they started falling down if he ran). Frankly, out of this group, I would have expected a lot of company back there, but that’s not what happened.

Dr. Phil had them on some kind of scavenger hunt. I don’t know what the prizes were, but I’ll tell you these people were rushing all over the place. I got interrupted so I don’t know who won, but they wore me out and all I had to do was watch!

This morning I read an article (another one) that mentions about blocking out your exercise time just like any other appt. you make and giving it the same respect. You wouldn’t give a doctor an excuse like you didn’t have time for an appt. you made with him would you? Well, basically this is the same idea. Unless it’s death or an emergency, it’s immovable.

I figured I would get this in while I was letting breakfast settle, but now I’m off. I, for some reason hold 9 am in my head as a time for exercise, so I figure I might as well make it a solid appointment. On SparkPeople they have a place for recording “streaks”. Hopefully this will be a “streak” that goes on indefinitely as how many days in a row I kept my exercise appt.

Hey Dr. Phil..

Dr. Phil wants you!

Dr. Phil wants you!

Anybody out their watch Dr. Phil? I watched him every day when he first started on his own show because it was in a perfect time slot. Then they moved it to nite time and I watch other “nighttime TV”, since I do not generally have control of the remote by then. They just moved him again to right across from the 5 o’clock news. I would rather have anything to listen to then the depressing news, so I am very pleased. It appears it happened just in time.

Today he introduced the new teams for the new “Dr. Phil Weight Loss Race”. On his website Dr. he’s got all kinds of advice about taking charge of where you’re at and why, how to fix your “stinkin’ thinkin'” (that’s my term for it) and it’s really pretty interesting. You can sign up for free if you want to be able to go to the message boards or do an online journal. I figure the first is probably way to crowded, but might be interesting, the second I do here. This is my online journal, altho it may start to get a little more interesting now. LOL

I remember when he first came out with his book “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” years ago. My oldest daughter was still living here then and I bought it for her, plus the workbook I think. I don’t think she’s ever even opened it. After I get done here, I’m planning on calling her and letting her know this is starting. Even tho I’m doing other things, I figure it never hurts to have a step-by-step. I also think maybe it will ad some accountability which never hurts either.

Today I read the first of his 7 keys and took the assessment to see if I “blame myself, blame my genes, or blame everyone else” for my fat. I really didn’t have to take the assessment to know that I’m right on track, because I do know the only reason I’m heavy is because I’ve done it to myself.  I don’t blame anyone else for me not getting off my butt and getting some exercise. I have the plan for that now, so hopefully this will help keep up the motivation.

One of the things I noticed as I was watching these people come across the stage today is, I have a habit of looking at someone and saying to myself “well I’m not that bad”. That right there is why it’s not good for me to hang out with friends heavier than I am. It’s amazing how that becomes such an easy excuse. I see it in my oldest daughter when I look and all her friends are very large. For our own health, if we can’t bring them along on our trip to change our lifestyle and to improve their health, than sometimes you have to let go for awhile until the changes you’re making for yourself become a natural habit.

So here I go, adding another tool to my arsenal. Some tools I haven’t started using yet, but plan on implementing them soon. All I know is I have been writing this blog for a year now. I’ve already missed my friend’s high school reunion because I didn’t want to embarass him, and that was my big motivation! I had plenty of time to lose the weight, I just never did. I should read over some of my posts and take some of my own advice. LOL.

I think that’s more than enough for today. I’m rambling. I will be back tommorrow after Dr. Phil. LOL

Some Rules Are Just Meant To Be Broken…

And that’s probably why I’m still fat. LOL.

This weekend was an art and wine festival in a small town about 20 min. north of us. I used to love those things, and I still do because of the unique items you can find that you can’t find anywhere else. I always end up finding some thing that I just have to have that costs way to much, but I know I’ll never see another one. This year I didn’t visit many booths having to watch the pocketbook a little closer than usual (or maybe I’ve just grown a little more responsible). With the BF getting laid off about 3 weeks ago, I’m a little pickier on where and how I spend “our” money.

I belong to the Eagles auxiliary, which for those of you who don’t know, they’re an organization like the Moose, or the Elks, and they always have a “women of the” side. On festival weekends that are held downtown like the Art and Wine Festival, one of my girlfriends makes homemade corndogs and polish corndogs, and sells them to raise money for the club. I don’t know what batter she uses, but it is delicious and worth every cent (they’re up to $2.50 and $3.50 ea. now). She really has it down to an “art”.

When I had the bar I always knew when the festivals were taking place, and always ordered a couple dozen for the bar. I’ve been closed for a year and a half now so a lot of times I don’t realize when a festival is going on. It’s been longer than that since I’ve had one of her corndogs. Needless to say, I called up and ordered a dozen for home. There’s six of us, so figuring 2 per person… I definitely got my share. One filled me, so I waited awhile and went back for the second one.

According to the nutrition tracker I use, I could only find info on Farmer John Jumbo Corndogs, but it’s probably close enough for government work. Each one is at least 270 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 22 carbs. For me, this is x2. It’s a good thing they only come around once in awhile. I use to go to Weinershnitzel and they had corndogs cheap, but it was never a problem for me. These I just can’t resist. Luckily the only other thing I had to eat yesterday was some home made macaroni salad, which isn’t good either, but I was still under my daily goal, even with the 3 vodka waters I had at the festival. LOL

We Have A New Design

If you’ve been here before, as you can see I’ve changed the design for this blog. I loved the old theme, but with only two columns, it just didn’t have enough room for all the stuff I keep adding. LOL. I’m not happy with this header, but it’s better than the one that came with the theme. The header I wanted was all the wrong colors and looked uuuuugly, so this is better than that. If I find a header I really like, the top of the blog will probably change again. Until then, this will do.

The design has changed, but darn it, I haven’t. LOL. Still trying to lose weight after menopause, still not exercising enough, and still trying new things. So please, stay tuned.

You might notice the new little widget over on the right. It’s a stream of blogs on weightloss. It’s from a new site I found this morning called “The Experience Project“. It’s really a pretty cool site. You can be totally anonymous and write about anything you want. No one ever has to know who you are. People share life’s experiences on all kinds of subjects.