A Poor Excuse Is Better Than No Excuse…

I finally got my sink fixed. It’s had my kitchen hostage for 3 days. I had turned on the disposal to clear it so I could run the (full) dishwasher, and the water in the sink never went away. The BF worked on it the first day. No luck. The BF worked on it all the second day. Can’t cook. Too late to call the plumber, don’t want to pay “after hours” charges. Can’t cook, no clean dishes to eat on or with. Answer. Fast food. Healthy fastfood? Never heard of any. Why waste a perfectly good excuse?

Day 3. BF worked on drain most of the day. Called plumber. Took them less than 30 min. start to finish. Cooked nice, healthy, well-balanced dinner last nite. Excuses all gone. Wish excuses were that easy for no exercise. LOL


3 Responses

  1. I too wish the excuses were that easy to come by for no exercise. But I’ll take any excuse not to cook, though. I hate to cook.

  2. I don’t mind cooking, I just don’t like taking the time to do it so I do a lot of easy and fast stuff, while still trying to be healthy. I used to think if I had someone that would chop everything, etc. I’d be more inclined to cook a little fancier. LOL. I always thought Taco Bell had a good set up.

  3. I’m not a big fan of cooking, but the minute I can’t go in the kitchen, I lose it. I have to have access to this sacred spot in the house, if just to stand in there and admire all the shiny cooktops and stainless steel appliances. I love my kitchen; I just don’t love to cook. Of course, if I loved to cook as much as I love to write, I’d be big as a house, so I guess my aversion is working for me now. šŸ˜‰ Maybe I’ll work on loving to exercise as much as I love to write first. THEN, I’ll focus on the kitchen. :))


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