Nowhere Left To Hide When It Comes To Lack of Exercise…

Brain Fitness

Brain Fitness

Somehow, starting Saturday morning while I was working at my computer, I got stuck on PBS television. The woman who was presenting caught my attention because she was talking about menopause and life after. For as intelligent as I feel I am when it comes to health and wellness issues, this is one area I know hardly anything about. Oh I know the typical stuff that every woman knows (myths and all), but I really don’t know too much about the physiology of it all. Having gone through menopause, I knew what worked for me, but the information I put to use on my own body was more accidental than scientific. She gave a lot of helpful information, a lot of warm fuzzies regarding menopause, and what I thought to be a little “way out there” stuff. One of the things that especially caught my attention was what she had to say about weightloss and exercise. It was all stuff I had sort of figured out for myself the hard way, but it was encouraging to have an authority figure back what I generally thought.

Right after her was Dr. Roizen, Oprah Winfrey’s new guru of medicine. As definitely “geeky” as this guy seems to be, I do feel like he truly loves medicine and has a lot of cutting edge info. He also has a pretty good sense of humor which makes the dry subject of health a little more enjoyable. He is really good about suggesting a lot of things can be fixed by diet and exercise. Since I don’t trust doctors at all when it comes to pills, I am glad to see this.

Between these two, I had learned a couple of good effects exercise has on us that I didn’t realize, and then came the icing on the cake. A brain doctor who believes you can “change your brain and change your life”. Most of the stuff I had ever heard was that as we age our brain cell productivity is pretty much non-existent. The best we could hope for was to just keep what we have from dieing out. According to him and the latest findings with all the new technology we have, growing our brain cells and exercising our brain is a never ending process.

I thought all I had to do to protect myself from Alzheimer’s and Dementia was to keep learning new things. I never realized what a profound effect physical exercise (or the lack there of) had on our brain activity. It was phenomenal to see the examples he had. This was enough to make me sit up and take notice. I am one of those that is always going to start my exercise program “tomorrow”.

On top of that I went shopping that nite and there in the middle at the back of my grocery store was a self help blood pressure machine. For some reason I had been wondering about my blood pressure the last few days and was actually looking for my BF’s home monitor, but hadn’t found it yet. I sat down and let the machine do it’s thing. My blood pressure has risen soooo much between the weight I’ve gained and the sedentary lifestyle that I’ve been leading for the last year, I took it twice because I couldn’t believe the numbers! My blood pressure was always around 110/64 which is excellent for my age. Now I’m walking around like a stroke waiting to happen.

Needless to say “tomorrow” has arrived and given me a swift kick in the butt. I started my exercise program Sat. nite while cooking dinner, with weight training. Yesterday I did the “couch to 5K” training in the morning, and weight training last nite. I can already feel the difference in my body. If I get to the point of needing new motivation, I’ll be looking for reruns on PBS or YouTube. LOL.


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  1. Funny how sometimes the planets align like that and all scream the same message. A good message to hear, though. Gotta move!

  2. Good for you, making physical changes that will help you fight off early aging. I’ll have to try that one of these days . . . 😉

    Enjoyed your site.


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